In times of , we have created a movement that WANTS to waste energy for fantasy coins. I am not accepting that anymore. Unfollow me, please, if you still think et al are somehow the future. They are not. is a problem, not a solution.

I started programming in a time where every bit counted and you optimised to *avoid* waste of energy. Now we are doing the opposite. But the abundance of compute power comes at a HUGE cost. One we simply cannot afford.


I personally see as digital toxic waste that cannot be recycled in any meaningful way. It has nothing to do with . If you disagree - that's your freedom. Respect mine to have a different opinion, please.

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@jwildeboer I still think that the Hayekian independent currency would be a great idea, but unfortunately, we have learned the hard way, that computational difficulty is not the way how to limit amount of such currency.

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