So I still have to run more tests but, if you have an Atem Mini Pro (or if you use OBS), you can basically do what Streamyard charges you $49/month for (having guests) for free using

For us: → Browser → Input to Atem → Stream from Atem directly to RTMP endpoint (Owncast, Vimeo, etc.)

(It’s also free and open source under the AGPL license.)

#SmallTech #LiveStreaming


@aral Or, if you want to have hardware: Turs a raspberry PI into an RTMP receiver that can feed directly into the ATEM Mini via HDMI. Really cool stuff!

@jwildeboer That is very cool (and could be great for streaming in non-interactive media) but the latency inherent in RTMP would make it unusable for holding a real-time conversation. Appreciate the heads up :)

@aral Give it a try, It works quite OK wrt latency, in my experience. But I might be a bit more tolerant in that regard :)

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