@jwildeboer Wow. I mean I know the Tories are evil but still, wow.

@ParadeGrotesque @jwildeboer Yeah, this is bad. I expect the EU might even write them a strongly-worded letter.


Sarcasm aside, it seems to me a large % of the UK economy is running on cheap [Southern | Eastern] European labor.

Stop that influx of cheap labor and watch an entire economy crater. Fun fun fun.


@ParadeGrotesque @jwildeboer It’s just so sad to watch (and even worse when you have family there like we do)

@ParadeGrotesque Unfortunately a portion of that is the NHS, but the Tories were trying to kill that anyway
@aral @jwildeboer

@aral @ParadeGrotesque @jwildeboer I was discussing my wish of travelling from continental Europe to Ireland without air travel the other day. I added a silly joke that perhaps I should find a creative route to avoid the UK, "to avoid trouble as a dirty EEA citizen". I was joking! This was only the other day and now I'm reading this.

@Steinar Reykjavik, Iceland is a good hub to avoid this. I had the same thought as a US citizen to avoid the UK because of RIPA.
@aral @ParadeGrotesque @jwildeboer


Yes, the UK is slowly cutting itself off of the rest of Europe, EEA included.

For your trip, easiest way to go to Ireland without taking a plane is to drive/take the train to Roscoff in France and take the ferry to Ireland. But you knew that already, right? 😉

@aral @jwildeboer

@ParadeGrotesque @aral @jwildeboer No, I didn't. :) I don't speak French so I tend to focus on Benelux when planning to cross the British channel. Thanks! I have made of it for when we can travel again.

@jwildeboer Ah, performative cruelty. Right on schedule. 🙁

@jwildeboer It's sad to watch this happening - the UK is descending down a path on immigration that is inhumane and counter-productive.

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