I'm drunk. I am disappointed how social networks made many of us think that being good at defining problems somehow frees us from working on solutions. I don't want to be that person. I want to work on solutions. Maybe social networks aren't the place to find like minded people.

Go through your timeline. Show me I'm wrong. Or find out that many of your "heroes" salivate over defining new nuances of problems but never offering solutions. Ask yourself - does it make you feel better?

I've seen (too) many people fall in love with The Problem. To a point that offering solutions is seen as an attack. It's weird. A solution that makes The Problem go away is seen as taking away the Raison d'être. I have a far longer explanation, but a tooz is too short for that.

I'll give you a hint ;) Why do NGO's define themselves like that? Non-Governmental? Don't they want to actually change something? How can they if they refuse to take the responsibilty? Non-Governmental means "Someone else solve it, please. Not our business. We just oppose."

That drives me mad. "Here's the problem!" "OK, how about we solve it this way?" "No, we don't care. We will oppose any solution anyway. We need to save The Problem!" "So how DO we find a solution?" "NOT. OUR. PROBLEM. WE. NGO." Le Sigh.

@jwildeboer That’s bollocks, non-governmental means “governments can’t be arsed to fix this, so we’ll do it instead”

@jwildeboer I despise your cynicism. A society without a civil society inevitably careens towards dictatorship. A democracy's resilience is predicated on having a vibrant civil society. So, lots of NGOs.

@whvholst lots of activists. Yes. But big, centralised NGOs become pet of the status quo IMHO.

@jwildeboer Of course, institutionalisation always becomes a problem. But you cannot categorically slag off NGOs because of that.

@jwildeboer Moreover, plenty of NGOs that actually fix problems or at least try to mitigate them. Docters Withoug Borders, for example.

@whvholst @jwildeboer NGOs aren't usually "civil society". They're paid for mostly by the super rich and corporations. If you donate as an average Joe, you're a sucker
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