This is the power of . From next Monday I can add my to prove my vaccination status to the German and travel freely in the EU! Privacy respecting!

Where is this QR code? Nobody in my family has received one? Just the 2 stickers in the vaccination passport.

Why would you need that to travel freely?

I know people that are on vacation out of country right now and are not fully vaccinated

@musicmatze @jwildeboer depends on the destination. A lot of countries have obligatory quarantine unless you have a fresh negative PCR test or you're vaccinated. In most cases the WHO yellow booklet will be ok too.

@musicmatze @jwildeboer and after reading about the system in Germany I'm not planning on getting a QR code, it doesn't give me enough guarantees re: privacy.

@Makdaam Your choice, your freedom. I went through the source code of the verification gateway, checked what data gets stored in the backend and the HCERT itself and I have no objections. So I will be getting my QR code monday first thing :) @musicmatze

@jwildeboer @musicmatze I'm worried more about 3rd party verification apps. Copying my data from a paper document takes more time and is more obvious.

@Makdaam They get your name, your date of birth and should they store it after verification, they are in violation of the regulations and can expect a very hefty fine. Not perfect, but acceptable for me. The backend only has hashes and signatures, no personal information, BTW. @musicmatze

@jwildeboer @musicmatze yeah, that's another thing I'm not so happy about (storing hashes of a limited domain data), but since the 3rd party problem isn't fixable and I won't be a user - I don't complain.

@musicmatze Because it's what the EU has agreed to make checking vaccination status easy and fast. If you don't want to use that, also fine. the yellow vaccination booklet is also a valid proof of vaccination.

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