I promised my children to do everything I could to make this world a good place for them. I sold my cars, I reduce my carbon output as much as possible - what else can we do?

Being conscious of your own impact on the world, through every act you take (and don't take) and passing that on to others? Living a meaningful life? Finding a balance between caring for the world (altruism) and enjoying life yourself, so that your rational ambitions don't get in the way of your emotional wellbeing?

This is a conversation I would love to have in person. Thanks for making me think about it. I will also bring this up with friends and in the local S4F community :)


What a great aim.

Some good answers already

Small scale regenerative agriculture?

Don't just reduce pollution, increase the plant population


people want to fulfill their fantasies
humanity is saved by saying yes not by saying no
if fossil fuels cause a problem the solution is not to deny people the cars they like but to find a way they can have the cars with a new kind of energy
or to replace the fun they have with the cars with something else

nicely done! Every step count's this way we can do it together. Reducing (plastic) waste and going vegan are also a huge improvements.

@jwildeboer I'm aware that this is probably a rather unpopular suggestion, but you might want to consider becoming politically active (again 😉 ). Maybe in your local community, on a voluntary level for a start?

As #Bernie #Sanders concluded in Our Revolution:

"We will not be able to accomplish those goals if we look at democracy as a spectator sport, assuming others will do it for us. They won't. The future is in *your* hands. Let's get to work."


@jack oh, I am quite active with that. Just not online. I prefer the local, Face 2 face way.

@jwildeboer Check your consumer electronics. Avoid hardware that's hard to repair (possibly by deliberate design) and software that requires special hardware-backed "security". The existence of HDCP alone (demanded by Netflix, PlayStation and others) wastes tons of rare minerals.

@mmizore I have hardware that is hard to repair (my Philips hue lights) but they are serving me well since 8 years now. So from an environmental perspective they work.

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