If you think you should skip the vaccine, my DMs are open. I will try to convince you to reconsider. No pressure. But let me try to answer your questions and give you the information you need from reputable sources. I’ll explain all the details. 💉

@jwildeboer I feel that we shouldn't be in too much of a hurry to get jabs of medicine made by the same people who do stuff like this:


Pharma giants are for-profit. Their aim is money, not social service.

And if it's more cost effective for them to pay the fine than to make misleading claims about their products, they would dot it.

There are too many similar examples. I don't trust pharma giants.


And aren't the enormous resources (financial and otherwise) that the pharma giants wield enough to influcence politicians?

Isn't that at least a possibility?

@unpopop 4.3 million people have died and THiS is your argument to not get vaccinated?


To be honest, this sounds like an attempt to put me in the defensive instead of promoting a discussion..
(Forgive me if I'm wrong).

And your original post did mention 'let me try to answer your questions'.

@unpopop Questions about the vaccine and how they work - happy to give you information. Discussions about the evilness of big Pharma - not my thing.


All right. In that case, I think you could've mentioned that in your original post.

Since it doesn't say that you welcomed only queries about how vaccines work.


@unpopop in my original post is says that I will *try* to answer your questions and that you can send them as direct message. You however chose to post a *public* rant about Big Pharma with no real question behind it and now blame me for not helping you. I apologise for my obvious resistance to go in that conspiracy shithole.


A blame-game isn't what I was after. Sorry if you felt that I initated one.

Anyway this isn't the kind of discussion that I sought.

And I think the discussion would be better made in public rather than in DMs for the same reason that @dontoverthinklife mentioned in a reply to your original post:

'Staying in DMs would hide both side's arguments'.

@jwildeboer @unpopop why don't you just convince @unpopop instead of choking off the conversation? I've been patiently waiting for a debate ever since you made this announcement a week or so ago.

@jwildeboer @unpopop ...mistrust against the industrial pharmaceutical complex is a valid point from an objective standpoint. Just let your arguments speak instead of shutting down. And I mean, wasn't it predictable that someone will confront you with things you disagree when coming to the table with such a hot topic?

@unpopop because I specifically offered private conversations instead of a public discussion?@dontoverthinklife

@jwildeboer @unpopop let me quote you: "I will happily discuss also in public. But I am also open for private communication for people who don’t want to discuss in public."

@dontoverthinklife @unpopop yes. And I’ve learned from the several public interactions that they are initiated by folks that don’t ask questions and don’t want to discuss. While the private conversations are far more friendly and open.

@jwildeboer @dontoverthinklife @unpopop
Made a small post piecing together some questions, doubts and opinions that I have about a corona vaccine mandate.


I would've liked a healthy discussion on the topic where passions don't go overboard.

Genuine answers to my questions and clarification for my doubts.

Also looking for links to news reports to back up (or refute) things that are mentioned in this post.

@unpopop When you take the vector vaccines (Johnson, AstraZeneca), you talk about long known and well tested approaches. The yearly flu shots have far smaller trials than both of these COVID vaccines had. So most of your questions are answered already fr vector vaccines, IMHO. .@dontoverthinklife

@jwildeboer @unpopop @dontoverthinklife

Do you know of any resources where I can read up on that? About the vector vaccines being well-tested and flu shots having smaller trials?

@dontoverthinklife @unpopop and today, as you have probably seen, the FDA gave full approval to COVID19 mRNA vaccines. That answers another one of your questions.

@jwildeboer @dontoverthinklife @unpopop

Regarding the FDA approval for Pfizer, has Pfizer stopped asking for indemnity against any adverese effect emanating out of their vaccine? Despite FDA approval?

If not, why?

Doesn't that mean the people who make the vaccine themselves think that adverse effects are possible?

@dontoverthinklife @unpopop I am sorry, but you simply just raise new questions instead of admitting at least once that I answered your previous questions. That’s not a discussion. I’m not willing to waste my time on you if all you do is ignoring replies and pile on new questions all the time. Have a nice day.

@jwildeboer @dontoverthinklife @unpopop

As per my understanding, a discussion involves questions being asked and answered. That might mean new questions might evolve.

But don't do anything that you'd rather not do. I don't want to waste your time either.

I began replying only because you welcomed discussion and your original post sounded friendly (rightly or wrongly).

Thanks for your time.

@unpopop @jwildeboer @dontoverthinklife

If by me not admitting you answered at least one of my queries, you meant the wikipedia link (I don't think Wikipedia is a great source, but still) and press release from Pfizer itself (again, not sure how unbiased it would be as they are the ones who made the medicine), I will after I finish reading the contents of the links that you posted (which I haven't yet).

I hope you don't mind if I reply after reading them.

@unpopop See, that is part of the problem. You admittedly haven't even read the articles I linked to as reply but yet you put more questions on me to answer. That is NOT what I call a discussion, an exchange of arguments with appreciation of the arguments put forward. Thus it becomes a one way street. Something I simply don't have the time for.

@jwildeboer @unpopop

I do appreciate arguments. But I don't want to say I have thought about arguments that I haven't.

If you are interested (just asking since you replied again), let's have a discussion.

If not, that's fine and we'll end this exchange.

@unpopop @jwildeboer

Thanks for re-adding me!

I skimmed through your catalog of concerns, @unpopop. You put some interesting aspects together!

Unfortunately the discussion between you two didn't go through it. It could have been a good guideline not to get lost.

Also sad that the chemistry doesn't seem to be right for this... I think that's the case for most people discussing the recent events.

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