Idea: style publication of all publicly funded research. Means: when you derive something new from publicly funded research you MUST make it available to the public too so that others can build upon it.

@jwildeboer I suppose this would put scientists at a difficult position. There are a lot that goes into selecting where and how to publish research and that factors into keeping your job. This could thus push scientists towards citing "closed" articles only and open articles remaining uncited.

That's to say, this has the same problem with free software, which is restricting its users rather than expressly going after the system that's the source of corruption.


@cadadr It wouldn’t be too complicated to have open access publication as a non-negotiable requirement for grants.

@jwildeboer That's for sure, and I'm totally behind that, and that already happens.

What I mean is, pushing researchers into a choice re: what they can cite has the attached risk of diminishing the reach of ethical research, as the system is corrupt and broken.

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