Once again, in the simplest possible way: If you want to have your "old" life back, get vaccinated. If you don't get vaccinated, this pandemic will simply last longer and cause more harm. It is up to you to be part of the solution, which is vaccination. It really is that simple.

More than 5 billion shots have been administered globally. The vaccines are safe. And they definitely work, far better than most other vaccines. Get vaccinated. Do your part. Thank you.

Strange... I know a lot of people who are vaccinated and none of them have their "old lives" back. In fack, they have the same rights as I do... None.

@LukeAlmighty I am vaccinated. I can travel and don't need to be tested anymore - thanks to the EU Digital Green Certificate. Lots more examples of how being vaccinated helps to get back to a more normal life. We are all just waiting for the unvaccinated to finally do what billions already did - get your shots.

Oh yes... Traveling is all you needed in your life :omegalul:

Except, traveling has nothing to do with the vax. It is about arbitrary government rules. And you changed your immunity just to fit these arbitrary rules. You will never be back to normal. And just how many such experiments are you willing to undertake to buy back yet another year of freedom from your government?

@LukeAlmighty Are you like a crazy person? I have always taken vaccines, since I was born. Against Polio, Measles and a lot more. I take my yearly flu shot. I am a responsible citizen, who can think beyond his own little world. I care about my fellow citizen. Vaccines help. Since hundreds of years.

Yes, I am crazy, but that has nothing to do with not wanting to be a lab rat.

You took a treatment, that was created less then 1 year ago. And that is suicidal. It takes between 10 and 50 years to discover side effects of medication.

And there is nothing like "a universal vaccine". Every single one is completelly different. To believe that one being safe means all of them are is as saying, that one food was safe, so spoiled/undercooked/infected/posioned foods do not exist.

And most importantly, you took it to buy back something that should have never been taken. And I will not take the vax untill I am free to take it. I will not negotiate with tyrans.

@LukeAlmighty I sincerely hope you stay far away from other people. You are a huge risk to all of us. You know nothing about vaccines AFAICS. Welcome to my blocklist.

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