Today 16127 new keys were distributed to the German Total checked keys today is 160477.

1402 people shared their positive test result with the app. More details and insights at

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@123abceng @jwildeboer they did a study on mrna vaccines they kill everything they touch
@jwildeboer @123abceng it's the black footed ferret study from Texas in like 2012 go find it.

@123abceng Well, actually - as the MRNA vaccines are fully approved in the EU since December, any adverse effects are fully covered by the state. We are now at more than 6 billion admitted doses and the risks are extremely low.

The capacity of your thinking shows that vaccination does non-repairable damage to the behavioral patterns. How do you know which tiny parts of your brain do not exist anymore after micro-blood clots were everywhere in your body?
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