I am grateful for the many people that ignored all the clickbait, false „news“ and did the right thing. . The situation here in is dramatic. But I and the majority of people are relatively safe thanks to the vaccine. Soon we can vaccinate young children too.

This wave, which is FAR bigger than any wave before is caused by the still far too low vaccination rate. In Munich only 63% of the population is fully vaccinated. It’s really a tragedy. One of the most modern countries has millions of people still living in the Stone Age.

Our hospitals will reach max capacity soon. Already now a lot of planned procedures are postponed to January. People will die that could be treated. All because of misinformation and „social“ networks amplifying the voices of a small minority to levels that are just madness.

So. A full and vaccination mandate is desperately needed now. This wave will continue. But maybe we can avoid another one that would hit in march next year. Any day a new variant could emerge. We have the solutions. We failed at coming together and do the right thing.

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