@jwildeboer Why should I be doing this? Is sth. like this on by default on Routers? The gall of Nintendo left aside...

@ManniCalavera port forwarding on the DSL modem/router is by default disabled - for good reasons. Opening a few ports - OK. But 65535 ports? Can easily overwhelm the capabilities of the modem/router. Don’t do it.

@jwildeboer @ManniCalavera

Seconded: don't do it.

If you open ports from the Internet to a device on your Lan, you're inviting attackers to try to take control of that device. Even if it's only a games console, attackers may be able to use it to attack the rest of your Lan, installing malware, reconfiguring your router (if you haven't changed its default password), exfiltrating your data, or participating in a DDoS attack.

Keep the bad guys out. Don't open ports.

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