It was a tough job, but my sister and me managed :). My little roadster is on its way to being repaired.

The car was in our typical German underground garage and cannot move as there is a problem with the clutch. So we had to move it in a dramatic action up to street level. My back is definitely not happy :)

Update: it arrived safely. It happily accepted a jumpstart and the engine is running smoothly after almost 2 years of standstill. A good sign :)

@jwildeboer Oh wow. Incredible you were ablet o move it without a heavy truck.

@jwildeboer Wow! Thats amazingly light. Well now I gotta research this car more.

@mnw it pulls 82 hp out of a 3 cylinder engine with .7 Liter ;) It’s a truly fun ride.

@mnw it was mostly designed by Mercedes engineers. They call it jokingly the smallest CLK ever made :)

@jwildeboer Neat looking car, hope you get it sorted out and back on the road.

Wouldn't it have been much easier to try the jump start inside the underground parking garage before pulling it up by muscle power?

But maybe you guys just like a physical challenge 🙃

@silmaril Even with a running engine, the car wouldn’t move. It’s problem is a clutch that refuses to work. So I cannot put it in gear to drive.

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