Small companies like and offer you really affordable hosting of Mastodon, Pixelfed, Peertube instances. Be your own Elon Musk and as added bonus own your data in better ways :)

I am a very happy customer of both since quite some time. They make it simple and affordable to run single user instances, which I think are the first step towards true decentralisation. The next level after federated :)

@jwildeboer Think federtion is a good idea. It can put communities together.

@df2rs Theoretically yes. But instance-centred communities are rare ATM. People don’t want to be reduced to just one interest with their presence here.

@jwildeboer Hmm, ok. But you are not reduced. You can talk or write to everyone. No matter whats the instance name. Anyway. If all twittter users are moving to mastodon, i could think about my own system. For now, i don't no why...

@df2rs I do it mainly because I think federation still leaves me at the whims and mercy of the instance owner/admin. If they decide to block an instance there’s not much I can do. And vice versa. Having my own single user instance gives me full control and is a step closer to real decentralisation.

@jwildeboer Just forgotten. My 1st steps with mastodon endet in leaving the instance, bec. the owner blocked a lot of content.

@jwildeboer @df2rs
But the fediverse doesn't have good tools to do single-user moderation, it works on the assumption that making an instance has a effort-cost.
Moderation is mostly users-granular on your instance, and instance-granular anywhere else.

For this reason I think single-user instances are not sustainable for the mastodon ecosystem.

I'm very happy that I can choose a moderation team (instance) whose principles I agree on.

To complete it, hosted in Germany with green electricity, it is also available at 😉


Nice, they are probably losing potential customers since they only write in german :/


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