Hi all. I’m Jan Wildeboer, located in Munich. By day I am EMEA Evangelist and in my spare time I think about decentralised identity ownership as a human right, working title TCP/ID. I am a citizen and representative of the United Transnational Republics Since 2018 I run my own single user mastodon instance for all of those reasons :)

@jwildeboer I waved hello when I passed "nearby" a couple of weeks ago to stay in Fussen for the night while going to Italy 😃


Hallo von einem Twitter-Expat-Neuling!

Schön, hier bekannte Gesichter zu sehen!

@LautesDenken Schön, dass du hier bist! Wenn du dir meine Follower und Leuten denen ich followe anschaust, entdeckst du vielleicht noch mehr alte Bekannte :)

@jwildeboer have you ever blogged about details of running your own instance? 💔❤️

I used to run my own SMTP server and gave up given so many complexities. I have been running a private minetest server via a VPN and that just feels infinitely easier than being on public Internet.

@Wait_sasha 1. go to
2. Book an instance
3. maybe add a CNAME to your domains DNS if you want to use your own subdomain
4. create a user
5. start following and tooting


@jwildeboer you raped a bitch at h00ters you said and i quote "ill h00t your horn" and she said no but you did it anyway i have it on camera 📸
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