Interaction and culture beats follower count. I had 2500 „friends“ on Facebook when I left 10 years ago. I have 7000+ followers on Twitter, which I will soon leave. IIRC far more than 10000 on Google+ before it was killed. But I had so much more inspiring and useful discussions here in the last few weeks.

@jwildeboer I feel like Google+ might have had an opportunity during these twitter takeover times, if Google+ was still around

@machias Yep. But it isn’t. The past is immutable. The future is unknown and undefined. In the here and now, I’m happy to be here. :)

@jwildeboer completely agree, I’m happy to see folks moving to and other instances

@jwildeboer Me too. I loved Google+ because we were a few users.

I'm French and I had with some people a community of 1M members. We knew almost French people on this social media ^^

@MaximilienMoreau 1M people community and you call it “a few” ;) I like your style :)

@jwildeboer I missed the old version when it flipped to, but it was for the community, not the protocols. I feel like much of that has migrated here, so I feel more at home.
Google+ was great for what it was, but like so much, a victim of G's inability to follow through. I'd feel bad if I was still feeding them info through it at this point.

@jwildeboer Other than G+ my numbers aren't all that far off of yours and I couldn't agree more about here lately. Definitely the overall quality of conversation has been better to me.

@jwildeboer I have half of Nepal on Facebook, I don't know any of them tbh ......

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