Tweet as if you’re on a stage, yelling to a loud and raunchy crowd. Toot as if you’re on a picknick, where you can look everyone in the eye. It’s that simple :)

That would explain my poor performance on Twitter. I hate stages.

@jwildeboer Ah... Yes, it seems a lot different. I miss the stage, honestly. The dopamine here doesn't hit the same. 😩

@rabt That’s ok. mastodon doesn’t aim to be a drop-in replacement. So either you (hopefully) find your way. I am happy here. But it is t meant to please everyone.

@jwildeboer Well, I'm not going back to birdsite, but there does need to be a Twitter replacement that does push some of those buttons, lest Twitter remain the dominant social media platform and contribute to even more political jackassery.

Funny, most want to reach a lot, those who Toot indeed are interested in a good discussion
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