@jwildeboer Yeah but you still can't contribute to the open source license without signing the CLA, which is a huge red flag that they're thinking of this as an experiment

@neo which is why I always point to opensource.com/article/19/2/cl where Rich Fontana explains why Red Hat got rid of CLAs altogether. It needs patience and communication for this to become universally accepted. Which is what I do :)

@jwildeboer All user mode code remains closed source, if I see this correctly, including the CUDA part. It's a good step in the right direction, no question, but the journey is far from over.

@schaueho Yes, as the article I linked says. It’s a huge step in the right direction and it’s (IMHO) a good thing that it gives the community the building blocks instead of throwing code over the wall. The work has just started. But it CAN start.

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