is the better Tesla. Their CEO really cares about helping and solving problems. I am impressed.

This is a true story. My sister bought a Polestar 2. It has some problems since 2 weeks. Real problems. Hard reset with dark screens while driving. Shouldn’t happen with an 8 weeks old car. Dealer couldn’t identify problem. Took in car and delivered a Citroen USV (running on petrol) as replacement.

My sister was disappointed. To say the least. I told her to send an email to the CEO. 3 hours later. She’ll get a polestar as replacement. They will pick up her polestar and have it analysed by the engineers. He personally called my sister to discuss and solve. Impressive. Just wow.

@jwildeboer hmmmm, getting a petrol car as replacement???? They clearly don’t understand and the garage.

@mvanderheide read the followup. They perfectly understood. And fixed it. My sister got a personal call from the CEO. With a real solution. This is impressive.

@jwildeboer @mvanderheide

its good service and if I ever get an EV I would certainly consider them (or any other company than Tesla) though the sheer amount of major and safety critical bugs/teething problems that are plaguing all EV's (on top of issues with public chargers due to use of incompatible proprietary apps and lack of maintenance) puts me off them for the moment (although this is in UK, the situation may be much better in NL)

@jwildeboer wow indeed! Never seen anything like that when my Renault Zoe stopped charging.

@jwildeboer Thanks for mentioning this brand.

While I currently drive a work car and the only viable electric option offered by work for the distances I sometimes travel is a Tesla, I always love to know about more brands as I can't wait to have the option to start leasing a car ran by a... more reasonable person. But for that option to come I need to know the alternatives and talk with work about them :)

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