@jwildeboer And Musk says ".@SPGlobalRatings
has lost their integrity" :flan_laugh:

He's such a noob

@jwildeboer he takes things awfully personally for someone with no hand in the science 😅🤔

@mood @jwildeboer how far if the right deep end do you have to be to think S&P is “leftist” 😐

@mood @jwildeboer those PINKO COMMIES with their… *checks notes* stock market index and credit rating services

@chucker @jwildeboer going to go impress everyone at the anarchist commune by telling them i’m “further left than S&P”

@jwildeboer Looks like „negative externalities“ is yet another concept that Musk isn’t familiar with.

@jwildeboer Also… more for the environment than any company ever!?? LOL… yeah ok.

@jwildeboer isn’t Tesla’s main business selling carbon credits to polluters?

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