When you’re mainly on the fediverse, coming from years of Twitter, you may notice a subtle change in posting behaviour. You start to notice that inclusive posts gather more interest than provoking, negative posts. The reason is simple. On the fediverse you communicate with fellow users. On Twitter you try to please The Algorithm.

This is unfortunately not a promise for the future. I already see how rather weird polls are attracting the negativity that so far was typical for the “other” side. I guess that is related to the quick way to interact (vote, done). I am not saying polls are a bad thing. I am just sharing my observations, which totally could be biased. So. Obviously :)

@jwildeboer When you start a vote, you encode a large topic into a small set of choices without spending time on exploring the controversy and the choices deeper.

Thus, I think, it is not a quicker way to answer the vote, it is a quicker way to create them,
which is a problem. It makes the topic more divisive and shallow.

One should not start a controversial vote without putting effort into preparation and setting up a context for it.

@bookwar That would be nice. But that is not what gets rewarded by the human brain. Simple choices (no matter how uninformed or misleading) get immediate dopamine. That’s why, IMHO, polls are never really helpful. I would even extend it to petitions. They are, as you correctly say, a shortcut with immediate reward, freeing you from any mental investment.

@jwildeboer I truly dislike polls, although I sometimes participate. I see these kind of things as irrelevant and prone to the gamification mechanism that's spread everywhere, and ruined everything with its futile but efficient (for the system) reward dynamic.

To me they're noise, I feel like they're out of place in the Fediverse. Very Twitter-y.

Admittedly, coming from the still burning Brexit referendum fiasco, I might be a tad biased against these things.

@jwildeboer i posted this
which at first glance seems rage click bait

but the resulting discussing where rather pleasant!

@jwildeboer this and also the fact that it's mostly technical people here like in "the good old days of Twitter"™️. Once the network reaches masses it gets nasty and those algorithms make it even worse because they fuel controversy. i'm a bottom; i don't mind pleasing the algorithm uwu

@jwildeboer I suspect that the Fediverse being a smaller place also encourages good behaviour, there aren't a huge amount of people around you could continue to interact with if getting blocked. I'm thinking of one profile that read: "And if you xyz... Then you're the problem!", his toots were rather OTT too, so blocked him.
I only joined recently, really like that people are nice here, so when someone isn't, I don't have time for them bringing aggro. Ill-advised move.

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