This made me spill coffee on my keyboard :)

„There's a town in Poland where everyone pretends to be American on the 4th of July 🇺🇸

Activities include: drinking beer, shooting guns, BBQing and being beaten by the police.“

@jwildeboer as a citizen of the USA, this confuses me in a way that i imagine most Europeans are confused by us... XD
i just hope everyone is safe and having fun.

@jwildeboer Embarrassingly accurate. I'm dying of laughter. 😂

@jwildeboer this should be done EVERYWHERE. These guys are super hilarious.

@jwildeboer I would appreciate some CW, the last picture bothered me a lot

@mihira So you want me to feel bad because I am open and transparent on my use of CW and that I have made it a pinned toot since November 2020, explaining it to make sure my followers can make an informed decision? I respectfully disagree.

@jwildeboer I don't want you to feel bad. If you feel bad, I cannot do anything.

I just said it is a pitty that you don't want to use CW.

@jwildeboer I read the pinned toots, we don't need to discuss that, you don't need to justify to me.

@jwildeboer FYI just in case: Pinned toots don’t show up in the official Mastodon iOS app. Didn’t see the toot until you linked to it. (I have no strong feelings about CW btw.)

@TomEtty When I wrote and pinned that toot, the official mastodon app for iOS didn’t even exist …

@jwildeboer @TomEtty @mihira I don't mind if you use CW or not. Thing to note is, that if I should decide not follow you because of your personal CW policy, the toot might still pop up if someone I do follow boosts it. Just to be aware of, which I think you are, btw.

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