Now we just need someone to design and build a cheap(ish) box that runs containers, takes care of NAT/proxying, could add CDN as a paid service and a free repository that allows to select pure F/OSS containers. Bam. The Real Freedom Box.

With RISC-V and other free IP Cores, it could be quite close to a full Open Hardware Design. With more and more IPv6 at home a lot of the network problems can be solved in better ways. We are getting closer.

With it should come a new to look at software. Focused on layers and standards. Not programs. So an asynchronous layer that handles e-Mail, chats. A synchronous layer for audio/video calls, livestreams. A storage layer for short, mid, longterm storage. I hope you get the idea.

And no. Absolutely no blockchain or web3 needed. But it should have a truly decentralised identity layer. Self owned identity. You guessed it, if you know me. TCP/ID. With that *your* data follows you. And you can safely share with and for your friends.

I am thinking more of open standard data streams with “taps” and “tanks” to access and store. Under your control and ownership. At your home. A cloud. Offline. You decide.

I don’t see this as a startup idea to go to market fast. More of an architecture for the coming decennia. But I think it’s a logical convergence point for the near to mid term future.

@jwildeboer TCP/ID? Either I'm overlooking something very obvious or I've never heard of it... Any reading recommendations you can point me at?

@jwildeboer I’m in!
Can we put some IPFS on it, or what you kann by CDN?!

@goern The system should be agnostic of storage engine - as long as it is truly free and open.

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