So has a minister of Justice, Buschmann, who doesn't believe that wearing a mask protects against aerosols that carry virus and thus opposes even planning to reintroduce mask mandates for autumn/winter. Le. Fucking. Sigh.

Ich denk einfach immer an den Spruch vom Lindner und frage mich, warum die Aussage von 2017 nicht mehr gilt...

Well, #Buschmann could obviously read the hundreds of studies that were carried out in the occupational health sector over decades and that laid the foundations for standards like #FFP1 to #FFP3, #K95 and others all over the world 🤓
But he'd probably either argue that their results can't be considered outside of workplaces because of the different laws of physics that apply in real life - or just (willfully) fail to understand the results at all... 🤬

Bin mal gespannt wieviel tausende € in diese(s) Gutachten fließen werden und ob da dann auch persönlich etwas für den Herren herausspringt. Aus meiner Sicht, sind solche Gutachten schon jetzt Käse. Schlage vor einfach mal auf die durch die #wissenschaft bereits dargestellten Fakten/Erkenntnisse aufbauen. Kostet sehr wahrscheinlich weniger, ist Peer reviewed und sachlich/fachlich fundiert. Es stehen da genug echte Expertenaussagen zur Verfügung

@jwildeboer if his beliefs were important, he should have founded some religious shit & leave important tasks to professionals! suck this shenanigan!

@jwildeboer Wasn't that the guy who needed again "proof" that the masks work.

I'm again flabbergasted by how often you would need to slap these people with a stack of scientific papers until they would even reconsider.

But again that is not dumbness, it's calculated, but for what reasons?

People need to die, because of what decisions actually? What are they thinking?!

Is that really the lack of any thinking or just hatefulness?

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