. I am testing video embed form my instance on my blog and have some problems (doesn't play when you press play on Safari, for example). Would you be willing to visit the page and tell me if it works for you? Which OS/Browser? Mobile or (W)LAN? Replies to this will show up as comments on the test page which is at


I re-uploaded the clip with HLS transcoding switched on and now it plays for me. Ilf anyone wants to test again - I will switch comments on my blog to this comment now.

@jwildeboer it worked for me in the safari browser on an iPhone.

@jwildeboer Didn't start to play (spinner was spinning), but when proceeding manually to 0:01s it started to play with FF on macOS

@jwildeboer I enabled javascript, but I still only got a spinner, no video.
PopOS, wired network, Firefox, noscript, but allowed all scripts on your page.

@jwildeboer It plays well in Safari. I’m on my home network. My tablet uses iOS 15. Latest version.

@jwildeboer Spinning only on FF for Android. Disabled all add-ons for the site as well with no change.

@jwildeboer same as 'ij' on FF on Fedora 36 WLAN - had to scroll to the middle of the video for playback, otherwise it was just spinning there

@jwildeboer It doesn't appear to work for me: The spinner is spinning but nothing else.

Using Firefox on Manjaro on a wireless LAN.

@jwildeboer When I click play there's just a spinner on a black background going round and round. But if I click anywhere on the timeline (scrubber?) the video starts playing from that point with no issue.

Firefox 101.0.1, Ubuntu 21.10, wifi.

@jwildeboer Same results on the same system with Chromium.

@jwildeboer For me, clicking play starts the loader but the video does not play. Then if I click on timeline, the video starts smoothly.

tested using Mobile data on Fennec for f-droid on android.

@jwildeboer Hello,

I suggest to upgrade your peertube instance, enable HLS transcoding and run HLS transcoding for that specific video to fix your loading issues :)

@Chocobozzz YES! That did the trick! I switched to HLS transcoding and re-upped the clip. Thanks a million!

@jwildeboer no luck, just spinning wheel on Windows (firefox and chrome)

@jwildeboer Working for me, fibre connection, windows 11, chrome whatever (latest version)

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