doesn’t like the virtual webcam it gets from an Mini. Zoom, Bluejeans, WebEx, Big Blue Button all have no problem. But Teams goes haywire and adds a 2-4 second latency. Hrmpf. TIL.

@jwildeboer Com'on, 3 MacBooks? Really? What about DaVinci Resolve on Linux – compiled especially for RedHat Linux?

@jwildeboer no idea about zoom, but some realy dislike webcams that don't provide 720p (e.g. jitsi), so put OBS in between to downscale my 4K webcam...

@jwildeboer People have this crazy multi-screen video studio setup nowadays. I miss the good ole days™ where I could walk through the office always with whiteboard marker and a pack of superstickies on me.. :grin:

@jwildeboer another day... another frustration with a Microsoft product.

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