Modern guide in times of . First and foremost: GO. Participate in protests. beats any sort of online petition (many of those platforms are full of trackers anyway). 1/n

Once you’ve decided to go - prepare. You should get a cheap digital camera. Doesn’t need a lot megapixels. Zoom is nice. Put an empty SD card in your pocket too. I’ll explain why. Do NOT take your mobile phone with you. 2/n

If you have prepared where to be, how to get there and how to get back, you don’t need it. It’s a tracker device. Even when switched off, iPhones, for example, are still locative with the Bluetooth based „Find My“ function. 3/n

Android phones have comparable functions. So just leave your mobile at home. If you fear for violent clashes or need the assurance, switch it off, put it in a faraday cage and only switch it back on when you are at a busy place where people obviously meet. 4/n

At the protest, use your cheap camera to take the pictures you want - but also take pictures when things how wrong g - as long as it is safe for you. Your safety comes first. 5/n

Should you get pulled into violent or dangerous situations, after you took the pictures, pull the SD card and put in the empty one. Take some pictures of innocent situations immediately. 6/n

Should you get confronted with authorities and they demand your pictures, hand them the camera. Switch it on and show them how to view pictures. Don’t mention the „real“ card. 7/n

If you left your mobile phone at home, there’s nothing more you can give them ;) Should they find the „real“ SD card, don’t make a fuss. Hand it to them. Again - your safety comes first. 8/n

If everything went fine and you’re safe back home, go through the pix and post them in a concise thread with your story as guide. This will help you put things in context. 9/n

you don’t have to immediately share everything. You don’t have to livestream. It’s always out of context and will be hard to correct later. 10/n

I could go on for hours, but I will stop here. Go out. Protest. Be safe. Be part of the change. 11/end

PS: You could also put some innocent pictures on the „empty“ SD card beforehand. Architecture pictures. Trees. Whatever. Just make sure there are no identifiable people on them and that the pix are not too old. Take them on the way to the protest, for example.

@jwildeboer If you carried a suitable envelope to the demo, you might have an opportunity to post an SD card home to yourself before being accosted by the police.

@markusl Too complicated, IMHO. Better to go with some trusted people and hand it to them if needed. Also - there will be many other people collecting similar pix. You’re not the only one. A protest is a mass of people, not just influencers looking for clicks. Trust the people.

@jwildeboer Non-smart phones are still available by the way, used and new. They usually have removable batteries and are cheap, too.

Also: Learn the phone numbers of two or three friends by heart.

@scy @jwildeboer All cell phones are tracking devices, smart or not.

@be @jwildeboer I’d argue they have a hard time tracking you when their battery is in your backpack.

@scy @be they can still confiscate it. What is t there can’t be taken :)

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