Stop saying things like "Talibanization of the US". Stop blaming muslims all over the world for YOUR failure to contain the growth of *christian* extremism in your courts and your political system.

It’s things like this. They could (and should) have painted the judges as catholic bishops or cardinals. Instead they decided to point at „the others“. This is what I mean. The real reason here (christian faith based extremism) gets replaced by Muslim stereotypes.

Fact: Fact: In at least 10 US states, laws in access to abortion will be MORE restrictive than in Iran, Somalia and other countries. (possibly paywalled)

Also fact: 6 of 9 SCOTUS judges identify as catholic. Hence my suggestion.

@jwildeboer I'd say the Taliban have about as much to do with mainstream Islam as the Guns-Babies-Jesus crowd has to do with mainstream Christianity, so I'd consider the comparison apt.

@xahteiwi @jwildeboer except they don't. Noone supports the taliban except the taliban. But this is a very common American thing, to externalise all their bad things onto other cultures, bad Muslims, bad russians, bad Chinese. Keep your comparisons to yourselves and your archaic ways.

@jwildeboer 1. The Taliban do not represent “Muslims all over the world.” To say so is an insult to non-practicing and progressive Muslims.

2. Progressive Muslims use the Taliban as a warning also.

3. There’s nothing wrong with comparing extremisms. They’re all terrible, as are the archaic misogynistic and xenophobic ideologies at their base.

My two cents as an ex-Muslim (which means I should be put to death under Sharia law) with two non-practicing/progressive Muslim parents.

@aral We both know all of that. But the majority out there reads "Talibanization" and thinks "Muslims! Sharia! We no want THAT!" instead of questioning the real reason - christian beliefs based extremism. That's what I was aiming at.

@aral @jwildeboer to automatically compare christian or other religious inhumanities to 'the taliban', it makes them the norm while the others are just following their example. I understand your argument, but 'blaming all muslims' does not mean they represent muslims, just the opposite.

@maikek Our mainstream media has been feeding us this "Muslims want Sharia everywhere" trope since many years. What they failed to install in all of us is the real dangers of radical Christians with their book bans, dress codes and anti-abortion war. @aral

@aral @jwildeboer

if you are "non-practicing and progressive" why do you still need to be a Muslim?

@jwildeboer Remember when folks thought that having a Roman Catholic President would make him beholden to the pope?

Good times.

@jwildeboer even one of the Three!

and the other two are the only two Jews on the court, leaving Gorsuch as the only Anglican...

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@jwildeboer I see your point; I don't think you're the target audience so it's hitting you differently. This is meant to shock those who (somehow) see Catholic bishops as "good" by pointing out how the "good guys" (such sarcasm quotes!) are acting just like the "bad guys". Directly attacking the church would eliminate that tiny chance of introspection and just harden their sense of persecution. Which will probably happen *anyway*, but still.

My thought, anyway.

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@StevenSaus @jwildeboer

Too bad the Taliban parallel is never the U.S. government feeding the Xtian Right a ton of money, weapons, and free positive P.R. for its own gains plus the glee of de-stabilising cultures which won't come to heel. :/

@jwildeboer Twitter is also full of “progressive” Christians calling SCOTUS “Pharisees”, despite the fact that many Jewish rabbis have been outspoken in their defence of Roe, insisting that Jewish law *demands* that pregnant people have access to abortion when they need it. The idea that it might be Christianity itself that’s the problem – that the call is coming from inside the house – doesn’t seem to register with these people.

@jwildeboer Especially since it is Catholic members who overturned Roe V Wade...

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@jwildeboer white christian judges decided to allow mostly white christian states to ban abortions based on legislation written by white christian men and explained by christian religious stuff, and the best thing someone has to say about this "look, they're like muslims, and I really hate muslims!"

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@IngaLovinde It's more like "they're just like the specific muslims they really hate for supposedly exactly this kind of reason" and points at the hypocrisy, but clearly it can be read many ways and I agree it should be retired.


@jwildeboer reminder that the pope celebrated the decision. It's systemic with Christianity

@jwildeboer Everyone's literally blaming Christians... It's literally a metaphor.

@apodoxus it’s the simple truth. Religion and state should be separated for many good reasons. This is a prime example.

@jwildeboer Definitely, but better if we just have autonomy in the first place and not having states dictating things like this...

@jwildeboer Thanks for saying this. It's felt uncomfortable for me to keep seeing this but I wasn't able to articulate why. (it's racist & externalizing the root causes, that's why)

@jwildeboer it’s the similarity of actions, not blaming religion. Taliban means “those who want”. Here in Middle East, a Talib (singular of Taliban) is someone who is fighting as a militia or terrorist to take the power, illegitimately.

@arh @jwildeboer
That's in Persian. But the name "Taliban" is an Arabic word:
The naming is because they are a group of religious students.

@danialbehzadi the origin of their name is Talib of Islam and Islamic Education. Doesn’t change the fact that the words Talib and Taliban mean someone who wants something. These ones want Islam and were Talib of Islamic Science and Education and some other ones are Talib of other crap. Today, their name is referred to as Talib of Islamic State.

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