Stop saying things like "Talibanization of the US". Stop blaming muslims all over the world for YOUR failure to contain the growth of *christian* extremism in your courts and your political system.

It’s things like this. They could (and should) have painted the judges as catholic bishops or cardinals. Instead they decided to point at „the others“. This is what I mean. The real reason here (christian faith based extremism) gets replaced by Muslim stereotypes.

Fact: Fact: In at least 10 US states, laws in access to abortion will be MORE restrictive than in Iran, Somalia and other countries. (possibly paywalled)


Also fact: 6 of 9 SCOTUS judges identify as catholic. Hence my suggestion.

@jwildeboer Remember when folks thought that having a Roman Catholic President would make him beholden to the pope?

Good times.

@jwildeboer even one of the Three!

and the other two are the only two Jews on the court, leaving Gorsuch as the only Anglican...

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