Downgraded my account to free, became member of @codeberg instead for the same amount (48€/year). Will move my repos over in the next few weeks.

We find that #GitLab is as bad if not worse than GriftHub. Its CloudFlare, requires js for basic functions, requires Google to login.
Congratulations. We appreciate all those who have made a switch. Today and yesterday.

@Ozzy Personal preference on my side. I still have a gitlab account, but codeberg has a few convincing arguments for me. They are in Germany, they are a non-profit, they offer all I need and I am happy to give them my money.

@jwildeboer not trying to convince you to move from Codeberg... But wanted to bring awareness to if you weren't already aware. @ddevault, @emersion and the rest of the team there really great group with a philosophy towards software worth praising.

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