Yay! I can now build my static sites using the based CI system and push them live on Codeberg pages fully automated!

The .woodpecker.yml file at codeberg.org/jwildeboer/fedigr shows how I took a rather "robust" approach of using a sledgehammer to get things done, but it works :)

Feel free to send me pull requests and make it a bit more elegant :)

This is now a really nice workflow. I can work on my pages from my laptop with a local Jekyll setup, use jekyll serve to check everything and when done I just commit to codeberg and wait a few seconds - everything updated :)

@jwildeboer that's the exact same workflow I have with Jekyll and Netlify. I'm totally on board with the idea of moving to Codeberg and Codeberg pages but I just don't have the time right now, plus with Netlify I have a nice way of having forms working on a static website, I should find an alternative for that as well.

@m2m I will put out a blog entry with my working setup using woodpecker and codeberg pages. I hope it'll help you decide :)

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