Thanks, . "Twitter data breach exposes contact details for 5.4M accounts; on sale for $30k"

@jwildeboer Jesus fucking Christ, when will this stop.

@ln TBH - I don't want to know how many badly protected Mastodon instances are out there. It's a general problem. The difference is the impact. Twitter oopses make the news, the daily little oopsies everywhere else go unnoticed.

@jwildeboer I'd think Mastodon instances are less likely to be a target though. Anyway this pisses me off, first because most of the time it takes companies a lot of time to notify the users who got their data leaked, second because among the people who's information is leaked there are some that really can't afford to have their privacy breached.

@ln I am sure some hackers are already targeting big right wing instances like Gab and Trumps Truth thingy. It's a risk for all instance owners.

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