I've been on for quite some years. I start to notice how many new citizens try the negative clickbait dance that works over on Twitter here. It doesn't work here. There is no algorithm to please. Your followers want you to be better.

@vega Posting stuff that is full of negativity, with no solution. Just venting problems that might be real or just imagined. On Twitter that gives you lots of likes.

@jwildeboer I never used twitter that much, so I find that very interesting.

@jwildeboer @vega somebody recently pointed out that the guardian's climate reporting (or at least commenting) has turned into that… and since then i just couldn't make myself read any more… guardian at all, not just their climate reporting.

@jwildeboer @vega I do kind of resent the idea that people venting are just doing so just for likes
I vent a lot and it's not because I want likes (I usually set it to private) it's because I need to talk about shit
I assume that's the same for most people on here who vent

@Elysian If you don't like it, block me. I'm not offended. Your timeline should be how you like it to be. If I don't fit, get rid of me.

No, no, no. I like your Corona update posts. You are one of the few who still look closely at the (Inzidenzen). And you work at RedHat. That's cool.

@Elysian Thank you for your trust and acceptance. That's an honour. But still. as a general advice, be deliberate with blocking/muting. Your timeline, your decision.

@jwildeboer nah. It really works similar here.

"The algorithm" just isn't some venture capital backed dark room. But an amorphous elite of Boosters.

Equally easy, or maybe even easier to trigger. I've certainly sen it happen. And successfully "used" it.

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