Blocking is a fundemental right on social networks. You decide who is on your timeline. You don't have to explain or justify. What you don't like, you block, mute or ignore. Do it. Block and mute by default.

@jwildeboer Well maybe not default, but yes.

Where the line is drawn for me is where people try to tell others who to block, like with #Fediblock.

@realcaseyrollins Then you should block me. I publicly announce advice when someone puts me in the child porn or killing prostitutes corner. I share. What people do with that is not my decision. But if you insist that posting is wrong, you should block me. Again. I won't be offended.

@jwildeboer Gotcha. It's been my impression that most of the #Fediblock peeps are not only highly intolerant and bigoted but try to shame others for not joining in their festivities. You seem to be neither.
@jwildeboer seems fine to me, you're just isolating yourself from heretics

@realcaseyrollins I don’t blindly accept any showing up. I agree with you. Often it is used in the wrong way. Doesn’t mean it’s fundamentally wrong, though. In the decentralised world, as a server admin, you have to act responsibly, not blindly. I try.

@jwildeboer That's good.

I've long been calling for federated blocklists, where any user or instance can subscribe to the blocks of any other user or instance. It could keep my federated timeline from getting flooded by #Fediblock posts, and on top of that help those who are fans of the #Fediblock to "keep up" with all the updates.

But it doesn't sound like anything that's on the roadmap for #Mastodon.


this person is trash, strongly recommend blocking. they have been in the fediblock feed before.

@jwildeboer @realcaseyrollins I wholeheartedly agree & I'm grateful when others warn me of criminal content or abusive accounts. I don't want/need that hazzle. These guys cannot be tought otherwise. They really need blocking.

@otso No, you don’t. Weirdos shouting bullshit at me don’t deserve my time or energy. I am free to exclude them from my timeline. They have zero rights.

@otso freedom of speech does NOT include a right to be heard. It’s that simple. I decide what I find acceptable. I alone. Not you or anyone else.


Twitter has that definition of freedom of speech, mute dissident opinion.

Youtube has it too.
It seems having a different option offends some people. That's one reason why I'm not on Twitter etc.

OK. I wish you best of luck in chasing weirdos off your timeline.

@otso @jwildeboer same as in real life. I decide who I want to speak to and who is allowed to visit me. This does not mean that I do not speak to people with a different opinion. They just have to respect me. If the goal of the person is just to blame me or shout at me, I leave.

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