Germany‘s most successful :) (Foto: Vice media) It’s the future! And with its fixed value, it’s actually a too!

For those not in Germany - Sanifair is this weird system that runs many toilets on the Autobahn (and beyond). You pay 70 cent to enter the toilet and get this 50 cent voucher in return, that you can use at the gas station/shop when you buy some overpriced stuff there.

@jwildeboer tbf it makes you get bad overprized coffee for a less overprized amount...

@jwildeboer I don't know if it's the same in Germany, but in Belgium, you can only redeem one voucher per transaction. We have three kids: every one of them has to make a separate purchase in order to redeem these damn vouchers.

@Paul Oh, here you can throw a bunch of them on the table for one single transaction. But you can’t redeem them in cash.

@jwildeboer Ah, they're trading on the sunk-cost fallacy: "I have to pay €2.50 for a coffee to avoid wasting this €0.50 voucher."

It's more sensible to throw the vouchers away, because all items are so expensive that you can get them cheaper in an ordinary store, unless you are allowed to use several vouchers in one purchase.

One of the few not-hypercapitalist-dystopian things in the USA: here we just have laws requiring businesses on the interstate corridors to provide free bathrooms.

It's become a marketing draw: brands known for cleaner bathrooms get more business.

It seems rare enough to celebrate the times we get something right.

@TerryHancock @jwildeboer I've recently heard Americans here in Germany celebrate the system we have here for how clean the toilets are. I absolutely hate it.
I hate it even more if they actually employ people to sit there and make sure you don't jump over the fucking thing

Ive never used those. There are free restrooms. And the "food"/is not worth stopping either.

@comrad @jwildeboer There often aren't. But those localities have unguarded back walls most of the time...

@comrad @waweic I was making some light fun of cryptocoins, but if you want to turn it into a pissing contest, I have to say no ;)

@jwildeboer Sanifair also operates toilets in some shopping centers (I've seen multiple by ECE). This allows to use the Autobahn vouchers in a normal priced environment.

@jwildeboer I'm sure the side of the buildings where this has been implemented smells absolutely lovely.

@jwildeboer I still find the notion of paying to use the toilet really weird, but different cultural norms

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