Starting to unfollow people that mainly post negative content. Some people use social networks primarily to dump their anger and frustration. That's OK. I just don't want it in my timeline. That's my freedom.

When 80+% of posts are some minor annoyances that they feel they must shout out to the world, that simply has no place on my timeline. I have enough problems myself, thank you. I curate my timeline to make me feel good without being ignorant of what's happening. But your local Starbucks running out of whatever aroma ruining your day etc just doesn't matter to me. Sorry for that.

@jwildeboer But, but I've never been to a Starbucks in my 71 years of life!

@Calvato Starbucks is in my opinion one of the few places in America where you can get a good cup of coffee ;-)

@jwildeboer Yup, I very much feel the same. And I often regret for that reason looking into the public timeline of my instance. 😕

@jwildeboer Some time ago I was thinking about letting IBM Watson (seems to be free for some limited amount of queries and also my company account allows me to use that) sentiment analysis to analyze chat messages I'm getting.

@jwildeboer I should be able to guess long-term mood/depression (is bad mood long term a depression?) of ppl, but this is bad from privacy point of view.
I have even tried some simple curl with my own message and it seems to be quite simple. It was quite hard to resist :-)

@jhutar I have been diagnosed with depression and have worked hard in the last 20 years to make sure it doesn't ruin my life. That's why this constant barrage of negativity gets to me in different ways, I guess.

@jhutar And I can tell you one thing - most of the truly depressed people, in my experience, would not post all these little annoyances all the time. They'd prefer to NOT share at all. That's the far better indicator. Reduction of communication.

@jwildeboer Right, amateur should not mess with medical term. It was just the feeling of having something you consider cool toy a thinking how to use it.

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