PSA: If you receive mails that claim to be about renewal of your domains at .net - be very careful. I just got two that are part of an ongoing phishing campaign trying to steal your login/bank details. The link goes to FYI. DON'T CLICK

@jwildeboer Gandi does a great job, but they are the target of a lot of phishing attempts. Never click links, just go right to the website and log in, and examine from there. Funny, the phishers are never smart enough to target my email that is actually used for them though, always been more of a curiosity than a threat.

@murph Same here. They simply sent it to info@<OneOfMyDomains>. I confirmed with Gandi, they are aware of this campaign and I guess that novowin page will be gone soon. Just another day on the internet ;)

@jwildeboer Personal rule of thumb when I receive any emails along these lines is never trust the link in the email, go to the site, the only links I trust are things like password recover when I just requested it.

@taur10 And 2FA wherever possible :) I'm not that paranoid to use a Yubikey for everything, but TOTP based 2FA is the minimum for any service that involves payments.

@jwildeboer I'm admittedly lazy on that front, I use a password manager, so I rarely need to request things. Well, usually don't, right now I lost some stuff while switching up my email accounts (got another silly one).
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