A new "trend" in Germany is getting letters from lawyers demanding money because your website uses fonts. As the visitors IP address gets transmitted to Google, that needs users consent according to a Munich court. Article in German.

So I am editing my websites to use font files now stored locally. Also speeds up page load times. So thanks, Munich court, for making the web faster and better :)

@jwildeboer whoever thought moving static assets to an external CDN would speed up page load did not understand http/2.
Avoiding data transfer to non-EU is IMHO just a nice side effect on top.


Just for clarification:

This is not about using fonts from the Google repository.

It is about connecting to a third party service and sending data... without asking... and in this case without any need for it.

@nick That sounds a bit misleading. So let's clarify: You can use most Google fonts by downloading them and integrating them into your website (self-host). Check the license of the fonts though.

Alternatively you can use the dynamic method, which means talking to Google servers on page load by the user and getting the fonts to the browser that way.

That method "leaks" your visitors IP address to Google and that is what the court says needs user consent BEFORE it happens.


Exactly. As far as i remember, all fonts hosted at this repository, are Open Source.

You should of course not use it directly from a third party source.

@nick The promise is that all fonts are free to use that way. But I still check the license before downloading, just to be sure. Due diligence and stuff :)

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