And the long awaited How To blog entry is now posted at As always, replies to this too will show up as comment on my blog! Sorry, Twitter friends, only feature.

@kielkontrovers I said I don't use spam filters like SpamAssassin etc as the DKIM/DMARC/SPF and fail2ban setup already makes sure that most spam doesn't even make it to the mail queue :)

@jwildeboer So this reply from #Friendica shows as a comment on your blog?

@jwildeboer Did you ever look into anything that would read the DMARC reports and spit out anything "interesting" from them?

@warthog9 I get maybe 1-2 per week. I just read the xml manually and learn which IP is using one of my domains for spam and how the DMARC report says it understood my quarantine policy :)

@jwildeboer Many thanks for writing it all down. Makes me thinking to set up my own mailserver (again).

@jugglingjester There are more simple solutions out there, also completely open source, of course. But I wanted to focus on all the details, so people can learn what really happens when you send/receive e-Mails in 2022.

@jugglingjester (to be absolutely honest, I wanted to understand it myself. But thought I’d share all that stuff so others can learn too ;)

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