Everybody is free to call me "woke" for standing up for fundamental human rights for every human being. That's your absolute freedom. I am also free to block, ignore, mute or completely refuse to interact with you. Simple. Peace.

@jwildeboer "woke" is just another bad faith, straw man argument where someone instantly assumes and hence concludes that anyone who claims to care for a certain cause is doing so to "look awakened, special, smart, good person". It is done to decredit and deligitmize most social movements by the ones standing against those movements by gas lighting people observing the movements.

@edendestroyer Yep. Which helps me a lot in finding out if someone is falling for these things or not. And act accordingly.

@jwildeboer This is why I don't like to use the word. Because it's being used as an insult. When being woke used to mean being inclusive and against discrimination.
It's like a shorthand for someone asking you if you're in favor of inclusion, political correctness and inclusive policies while putting every word in air quotes.

@kalikiana Yep. Which is why I have decided to act accordingly and use the use of that term as a filter for my timeline.

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