FTR - yes, I live in . No, I’m not going to . Since 2 years I’m collecting the numbers on the pandemic and it’s not even a question. The risks are too damn high.

With our current infection rates, in every bigger tent there are statistically 20 infected people spreading virus. The infection rates will definitely double in the next 7 days. We’ve learned that from other events in Bavaria.

And yes, far less people now die or become severely sick after infection. Thanks to vaccination. But still. Thousands of Munich people will get infected, forcing them to stay home. Not being able to work. THAT is going to hit hard in hospitals, schools over the next weeks.

There is the 'Wurstmarkt' in Rheinland-Pfalz at the moment. It's the biggest wine-event in the world.
Same numbers and situation there. But luckily much more open-air and only a few tents.

@jwildeboer Yup. Our city had a big beer tent festival the recently.

To no one’s surprise, case rates are going through the roof.

@jwildeboer This right here is the heart of the problem. Any wave is a strain on the health care system at all levels, from doctor’s offices to ICUs. The virus doesn’t need to be directly lethal to be immensely damaging.


@pimoore @jwildeboer

Indeed, plus Long Covid which will cause some (approx 10%) to be disabled for months, years or decades, and which vaccines do little to prevent 😔


@FediThing @jwildeboer Long covid scares the shit out of me. You survive the virus, only to be left with potentially permanent disabilities the rest of your life. The systemic vascular damage this thing can cause is downright terrifying, and needs to be much more thoroughly researched by the medical community.


@pimoore @FediThing Vaccines seem to reduce the Long COVID risk by 40+%. That’s a bit more than „little“, IMHO.


@jwildeboer @pimoore

Fair point, it is a big percentage drop!

Think latest figures is it reduces LC risk from approx 15% to approx 10%? Still way too high :(

And that's the risk for each infection, if you get infected several times you will be rolling the dice each time.

@jwildeboer But - they still get infected. And there's no immunity after infection for the dominant variants BA4/BA5.

So each time one catches an infection, they're playing the LongCovid-Lottery. And with each time they will have a higher possibility of developing severe LongCovid sympthoms.

All in all: I simply don't get it why they are allowing those big gatherings. But, being honest - I'm also unable to grasp the german nonactions over protection and containing the virus. For me it looks like our politicians are trying to force the virus upon everyone.

@jwildeboer Don’t blame you one bit. We have a local fair coming up that I have no interest in attending, even masked.

@pimoore @jwildeboer This area has become openly hostile to anyone wearing a mask. It’s so bad that I've been spit on by a cop at the grocery store. We don't go anywhere at all we don't absolutely have to. I know we're an extreme here, even in a world where no one cares, but I don't blame anyone for not wanting to go anywhere crowded.

@pimoore @jwildeboer I do wish an outside beer garden was something we could safely do around here though. There are some outside-only restaurants we'll go to in between waves but we have to drive to anything so no beer or anything like that.

@chris @jwildeboer @pimoore I’m preparing for another Covid winter here in northeast Ohio. The numbers are high and we have an abundance of…reality-challenged folks that refuse to get vaccinated/mask up. I’ll be locking down until spring once it is too cold to meet outside.

@gruerproof @jwildeboer @pimoore Damn. That's how we've been since March here as it's too hot to sit outside during the summer. We're hoping to be a bit more open this winter but I'm sure another wave will ruin that.

@chris @jwildeboer That’s disgusting. I haven’t encountered that here thankfully, which given some of the people in this community greatly surprises me.

@jwildeboer I would not go even if they killed every single virus at the place by hand. Oktoberfest itself qualifies as a disease 😎.

@jwildeboer Been there ONCE and have NO idea, why I did so. This is not my world.

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