New blog entry: Protest Guide in Surveillance Capitalism - Replies to this toot will show up as comments on the blog. Sorry, Twitter friends, that's a Mastodon exclusive. Shoutout to @vadim for making the tool I needed for this :)

So if you want to take your thread on mastodon and turn it it into to copy/paste as a blog entry or article - Just go to or set up the code on your own machine:

@jwildeboer @vadim

Ah, I thought it wasn't working. Tried it with a mega-thread:

But it is made for multi-toot sequences by the same author.

"Thread" put me on the thought that the entire discussion would be captured, which would be fantastic. #Fediverse discussions are subject to rot, as people delete their own toots and breaking thread chains that way.

But still a very nice functionality, and a project that I'll add to #ActivityPub list.

@humanetech @jwildeboer hmm, I designed it to save linked toots from a single author, skipping replies to/from others. That would help with reading the story from toots - or save it for a static blog.

Storing the whole thread as Markdown is not much use tbh, Mastodon already displays them all.

@humanetech @vadim It works exactly as described in the README:

"Masto Thread Renderer

This app will display Mastodon thread (only author toots, no replies) as a web page for reading."


>#Fediverse discussions are subject to rot, as people delete their own toots and breaking thread chains that way.

Right, actually that might be useful, first I'd like to apply this idea to chats: it would be useful to have a read-only instantly rendered chat room history. Matrix has a great API for that.

I don't think Markdown is a great medium for that, but we'll see I guess

@vadim @jwildeboer

Yes, you need a way to flatten a hierarchical structure. Might have in-document anchor URL's "In reply to", but it is not ideal indeed.

@vadim @jwildeboer

Note btw that I often save the links to interesting discussions on various discourse forums. With mastodon search alone I can often not find them back. When later I return to them I may find them broken. Markdown format would be useful to me to copy the thread, paste it in a Discourse topic, use that as the archive.

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