Hell freezes over. gives the new 14 (not the Pro, not the Max) a huge thumbs up and repairability of 7 out of 10. And it’s well deserved, IMHO. Apple really did a good job. Nice!

@jwildeboer how can anyone get more than a 5 when not even battery is user replaceable, that's beyond my understanding.

@jwildeboer Now we have evidence that phones can be great, look great, work great, AND be fixable

@jwildeboer except for the part where supposedly replacing the back glass necessitates pairing that glass to the device. You can do it yourself, but why… (wanting to require only original parts according to the article)

@jwildeboer Wie jetzt?? Ertrinken die Geräte nicht mehr in Klebstoff?? 😳

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