German identity cards have a chip on them which allows you to interact with the authorities in a digital way, the . But what if you are an EU Citizen living in Germany? Fear not! You too can get the eID card for EU citizens!

It has no picture, can only be used for digital transactions, costs 37€, is valid for 10 years and from applying for one to getting it only takes 4-5 weeks!

But so many things you can do with this card! Just follow the link that says "Much more applications you will find on the German site of the Personalausweisportal"

They still claim you can get a De-Mail address at Deutsche Telekom! A service that Deutsche Telekom stopped running a month ago after they announced the EOL in August 2021.


So, my dear Tooterati. As a dutch person living in Germany since 40 years - should I get one? Should I pay the 37€ for this High-Tech card? I will follow your decision. Even if it is a 52/48 split as in .

@jwildeboer Needs a YOLO option :D

Honest question... what does this actually get you? I've tried following all the links but I don't understand the benefit

@jwildeboer As a British person living in Belgium, I would say yes. eID cards were introduced here several years ago and, while it is (still, I think) technically optional, so many organisations assume you have one that it would quickly get very wearing without.

@Paul @jwildeboer Belgium is not Germany. My mum got my old iPhone because many services require 2FA and a smartphone. Belgium is years ahead of Germany.

@jwildeboer I have that function enabled for my ID card, but I've never used it. And I can't really think of a scenario where I'd have to use it. The few times where I had to identify myself was done with WebID.

I don't see any real benefit in getting that card.

@jwildeboer I think you get the eID build into your normal Passport as well, so a additional eID Card seems unnecessary for me. Also it's really used anywhere. I would find it to be interesting to replace those PostIdent or VideoIdent methods, but nobody seems to care.I even got the Computerbild Edition where they bundled a Cardreader for the eID, because I thought it could become handy one day. What do you know never used it again

Does this have fingerprints like the Personalausweis?
In this case, the answer would be obvious.

I find it funny on why the App for the eID is called AusweisApp2. The original app was closed source. After numerous hacks they decided to do it open source and added the 2 in the name. At least they learnd from previous mistakes.

That's nice. Can I get one too?
(I'm German and just had to get my new Personalausweis with photo and fingerprints.)

@silmaril It’s only for EU/EEA citizens that cannot get the German Personalausweis (which has eID). For non-EU/EEA foreigners there’s a similar card called the eAT (Elektronischer Aufenthaltstitel) which weirdly enough has a photo again.

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