uses so you can check if your carry on is complying with the size limits. Nice.

I am truly frightened by how close this is to the tactics of phishing scams. and the are on the wrong path with this IMHO.

The old rule of the has worked again.

Let the agricultural and fisheries council deal with totally unrelated but hugely impactful decisions.

Today they voted to hand over the Internet to intellectual property radicalism.

The Agriculture and and Fisheries Council (!) has approved for the . At least my home country voted against, but ultimately 65% was reached.

Well done, algorithm. Promote the one video that please the misogynists and incels. Because that’s what works for you, right? Shameful.

Thank you, , for referring to her as Dr Bouman and mentioning she insists that it’s all a team effort.

The image, though scientifically a sensation, did disappoint after all the clickbait hype created around it.

Thank you, , for sharing how many services are looming in the /#Chromium browser. I hope all projects that use Chromium take note and also start removing these. (slide was presented at BlinkOn conference)

Yo after not even a year of moderate use, the glue of the Beats X is dissolving, is this a known issue? Covered by warranty (I live in Germany)? I‘m a bit disappointed :(

Wait! What?

Are you telling me that “Influencers” are selling us a fantasy for their own gain? That they lie to us poor followers?

Where’s my surprised face?

Dear Jeremy “General Election” Corbyn, here’s what May really offers.

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