And in Austin the number of injuries with bicycles is more than 3x (32) that of injuries with scooters (9). Slide 5 of

So what will I do with my Xiaomi m365? Simple. I will continue to use it to commute to work. And risk being fined by the police. Until the regulation is in place. It took at least 3 years to get to this stage. Maybe in the first quarter of 2019 this regulation comes. Who knows.

Meanwhile, @testingpens over on :

„Wondering about Android and Apple phone security? Here's an objective chart to help you decide:“

Supposedly 30 hours of problems with delivering inbound mail. No status page, and last update on Twitter was 10 hours ago. Seems is in trouble.

Thanks and for giving us a wonderful view on the falling snow from inside , here on the tarmac. But we would all prefer to disembark and get on our ways home :) Send them buses, willya

Well, dear and , could you care about finding out if I have an account or not? So I can do this checkin to my hotel?

It is with morbid fascination that I’m watching the UK parliament’s livestream.

, 2019. Riding an like the Xiaomi is illegal and can cost you your drivers license and heavy fines. Diesel cars that do not meet the official requirements wrt emmissions are still happily driving around.

Is this new? And what does it mean? “Original Tweeter” sounds like I’m a funny guy? :)

The CEO of , a social network somewhat popular among users, seems to be a tad paranoid by accusing unnamed competitors to send bots his way.

PSA: 12.1.3 has been released with quite a load of CVEs fixed. Update now!

A 5:4 vote. Dark times are here IMHO.

„Supreme court allows Trump limit on transgender people in military to continue“

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