Sue 100+ companies over patent infringement with patents they themselves value at $1. Explain to me again why using the term “Patent Troll” is wrong.

Why do I need to wait 20 minutes, !

Well, , as always your shipping company DHL Express will fail to deliver on time. The parcel hasn’t even cleared customs and chances that they deliver today are zero. Thanks, I guess? Every. Time. The. Same. Story.

Will this finally bring down? How much more trust violations?

“The documents also reveal that, in 2015, a permissions update for Android devices, […] included a feature that continuously uploaded text messages and call logs to Facebook.”

Last week Tuesday: “Let’s order this DVD with ! Should be here soon” Uhm. Ok. Garantueed delivery last week friday. Didn’t arrive. Now it’ll be somewhere between today and this friday. Maybe. Thanks, Amazon!

New Hire Orientation time again at EMEA! Join us!

Book tip. “How to be successful without hurting men’s feelings” by the wonderful Full of wisdom and insights! :)

Worlds biggest IT event, in Hannover is history. It has just been made official. There will be no more CeBIT. Source:

The end of (Centrum für Büroautomation, Informationstechnologie und Telekommunikation, originally Centrum der Büro- und Informationstechnik) is such big global news that ATM all articles about it I can find are in German ;)

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