Ein ganz normaler Tag in . Hotels bitten mal alle Rumänischen Gäste zu melden. Weil die klauen ja, wie man weiß.

TL;DR 46% (49%) of EU citizens (N=10792) think that if the UK wants to leave with , so be it. No more concessions from EU side fro . Let's move on. Survey from June 2019, more: twitter.com/stefwalter__/statu

My skin doesn’t like the sun. My girlfriend has UV protection gear. So. Meet Flower Power Jan :)

Why is the media so obsessed with negative headlines on ? Here's @guardian@twitter.com

My @iohawkeurope@twitter.com runs on 100% renewable electricity, courtesy of @SWM_Muenchen@twitter.com

Zwischenbilanz nach 2 Monaten : Die Medien strengen sich wirklich an sie schlechtzureden. Beispiel @SZ@twitter.com sueddeutsche.de/thema/E-Scoote

I am using on my devices to block tracking. It is a bit frightening to see how many calls to Facebook, google, double click are blocked.

Misleading headline IMHO. Study is limited to rental scooters. It doesn’t discuss impact of privately owned e-scooters that don’t get picked up for charging etc. theguardian.com/technology/201

A type approved, legal . In Germany that’s quite a lot of work. But it’s here :) Thank you @iohawkeurope@twitter.com for your hard work on getting this done!

Confusing messages IMHO from the European Court of Justice . While quoting written words can be done without authorisation [1], you cannot use soundwaves without authorisation [2].

[1] curia.europa.eu/jcms/upload/do
[2] curia.europa.eu/jcms/upload/do

Update 2019-07-29. Genau 1(!) e-scooter mit ist erhältlich (IO Hawk Sparrow Legal, 779€), 3 weitere mit ABE lieferbar ab August/September. Ich pflege eine Liste die ich ständig aktualisiere hier: docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d

A lorry kills an escooter driver. So the police cracks down on all lorry drivers, giving them warnings and seizing their vehicles. Ofcourse not. They blame the escooter drivers and act against them. No one shall ever blame cars! www-telegraph-co-uk.cdn.amppro

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