“Is this what we want? Should we just succumb to ’s desires and embrace , hand over control of our websites and content to Google?” polemicdigital.com/google-amp-

Example. What I said and what I got after a few hours. Not the first time this happens to me. I understand how it drives people away freedom m posting the positive things we all need. The dark side is winning.

Dear @support My pixelfed instance pix.wildeboer.net shows 8 failed jobs, but not wht they are and what I can do, it never shows anything in discover besides my own posts and seems to refuse to create previews a lot of the time (are that the failed jobs?) - am I doing something wrong?

Danke, @DeutscheBank@twitter.com das der einzige Geldautomat im Flughafen München an dem ich gebührenfrei abheben konnte nun auch noch verschwunden ist. :(

„Yak shaving refers to a task, that leads you to perform another related task and so on, and so on — all distracting you from your original goal. This is sometimes called »going down the rabbit hole.«“ - here is a glorious example. of the week :) lars.ingebrigtsen.no/2019/02/1

Happy from this guy :) Open Standards and Open Source! For the web, our world and the galaxy :)

Founder of goes to Open Source advisory board meeting. Remarks one real important thing about topics discussed: “You will notice that version control is not on either of those lists.” fossil-scm.org/forum/forumpost

Dear @support@twitter.com @twitter@twitter.com @jack@twitter.com - this seems to be the account that posted a fake Jeremy Corbyn tweet. How can I report this? You don’t seem to offer any option to report such abusive stuff. Fix this, please?

and is all about freedom and stuff, let’s travel to North Korea to discuss at a conference!”

US authorities: „Hold my beer and read this arrest warrant”


It’s not limited to Trello, of course. You can also export to PDF, PNG, PowerPoint, Excel or a zip file with the individual notes as separate images etc. I hope @3M adds open formats like too.

TIL you can use the (free) app on Android/iOS to take pictures of your brainstorming wall, it will separate the post-its and happily export it to . Wow.

Danke, @MVGticker@twitter.com Neue App, neues M-Login, kein Ticketkauf möglich.

Thanks, @elonmusk@twitter.com, for destroying the clear view scientists need. This is what only 60 of your planned 12000 satellites did. I hope it’s worth it.

Kind of fitting. Vitalik Buterin, Mr ETH, so to say, publishes „Hard Problems in : Five Years Later“ on his website that has an expired certificate ;)

John Bolton can brag about his twitter account all he wants - he still refused to answer the public. It’s a deflection. But clickbait “journalism” is happy to parrot his story.

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