So liefert seine Pakete. Einfach draußen als Türstopper. Das ist eine Tür mit Sicherheitsverriegelung in einem Bürokomplex. Wir sind im zweiten Stock. Geht’s noch?

Die wurde gerade im veröffetnlicht und ist damit endlich und endgültig offiziell! are coming :)

BREAKING :) has published the regulations on e-scooters, the , in the so it now official! Yay!

Where is my surprised face? Only days after visits the UK, Sajid Javid gives his nod the extradition request (and, I guess, hopes to get invited to the next state dinner).

Huh euer Trailer auf YouTube verspricht das “I Am Mother” am 7. Juni 2019 erscheint. Warum ist es nicht da? Mal wieder US only Release ohne was zu sagen? Wann kommt das dann zu uns zahlenden Kunden hier in Deutschland? Mist, oder?

"Mass Anomaly Detected Under the Moon’s Largest Crater"

Sure, fam. A mass anomaly. Buried in a crater on the moon. Containing lots of metal. Is it magnetic? We've all seen 2001 A Space Odyssey.

It's TMA-1. ;)

It seems is getting close to launch their e-scooter service in :)

So is now accepting applications for scooter chargers in German cities. I guess we will soon be finally able to legally ride electric scooters here in !

Yo - the coffee machine in the office just got a Brand Update :) (and apologies for my non-Brand compliant mug ;)

TL;DR those “cute” delivery robots are not equipped with “AI” or automatic routing. They are controlled by remote workers in Colombia who “earn” $2/hr. Modern slavery IMHO. for people to lazy to get their own burrito or big Mac.

So now we taxpayers are funding 28 party MEPs. That’s 64.4M€/year for hypocrites that happily take our money to show us The Finger. Thanks, I guess?

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