A very clear drop from around 20% to now 7-8%. BUT you also see that numbers are rising ATM due to BA.4/5 sub variants, while the ICU ratio stays stable. Numbers and sources at icloud.com/numbers/0tPTegqlj4Q CC0 licensed, of course 2/2

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What does mean for hospitals? I have numbers for Bavaria. Green is total hospital beds with COVID positive patients, the blue line is percentage of ICU beds of that total number. You can see the drop in February when Omicron took over. 1/2

Anwohnerparkausweise so teuer machen wie, sagen wir mal, 50% der ortsüblichen Miete laut Mietspiegel. Zack. : 10€/qm mindestens. Parkplatz: 2x5m=10qm. 10x5=50€/Monat, 600€ im Jahr. Momentaner Preis für Anwohnerparkausweis: 30€/Jahr. Da kann man doch was machen :)

LOL. Twitter is broken ATM when you try to open it with Safari on MacOS (tested on 3 machines thus far)

I was asked over on Twitter to put it on top of the beer to see how it goes up. I obliged. The max after 3 measurement cycles was 594. After that I took it down because I didn't want to risk testing it's beerproof capabilities :)

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Bavarian style after work. Still gotta work some numbers and stuff. In style. With CO2 data :)

The whole room looks like this. As you can see - no windows. (Which is good for a studio setup). And yes, you „zoom and enhance“ folks - I’ll save you the work. That *is* a bottle of Red Hat beer ;)

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Thank you, for providing me with a healthy place to work! CO2 reading in the office after a full day of work in the studio. Ventilation is almost perfect.

Sind laut PEI gut genug. Nicht die allerbesten, aber besser als der Durchschnitt. Reicht mir.

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6 days after the risk exposure, no symptoms, 3 negative tests - I guess I’ve been saved once again by my FFP3 mask and being cautious in general. ‪😷‬

This patent obviously shouldn’t have survived the examination stage as it is a simple translation of an project to patent language, but alas - it was granted. First to file principle meets bad quality of examination. Le sigh. techdirt.com/2022/06/24/ridicu

The full picture actually looks like this. (The EU is a non-enumerated member of G7). But cutting out a person - we’ve seen that before. AP at the time.

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Fact: Fact: In at least 10 US states, laws in access to abortion will be MORE restrictive than in Iran, Somalia and other countries. ft.com/content/ebf64d7b-064c-4 (possibly paywalled)

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With Angela Merkel gone, G7 is a men‘s world again. (Picture source: Reuters)

It’s things like this. They could (and should) have painted the judges as catholic bishops or cardinals. Instead they decided to point at „the others“. This is what I mean. The real reason here (christian faith based extremism) gets replaced by Muslim stereotypes.

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I blogged about my little bit of daily work to collect and share numbers for . Replies to this toot will show up as comments on the blog entry, because - Magic! :) jan.wildeboer.net/2022/06/Coro

Where we continue to give daily updates, with explanations. Fact oriented, leaving emotions out. The people of Munich seem to like our approach, so I will continue. Every day. Someone has to do it ;)

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"So how is the pandemic going in ?" Well - it is complicated. Here I describe how I manually scratch together the numbers to make some graphs that hopefully give an overview. github.com/jwildeboer/MUCNumbe

This night, with only one window tipped open a bit and the detector 3 m away from my mouth.

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