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that a long press on the Reader View symbol on allows you to make Reader View “sticky” on a website.

The unlucky package. First in an accident, then hit by storm?

WRT - what will happen next after Mr. Johnson becomes PM?

I think this [1] diagram by is helpful :). Source material at [2], article at [3].


When and were younger.

‪I need more popcorn.

‪“Trump claims Boris Johnson popular in UK because he's seen as 'Britain's Trump' - live news”‬

‪“Trump claims Boris Johnson will work well with Nigel Farage”‬


Stand heute: 4(!) mit ABE ab 749€, nur einer davon im Handel aber ausverkauft. Die anderen 4 erteilten ABEs sind für Verleihscooter die man nicht kaufen kann. Quelle: Internet und

Thank you, for a bit over 1 year with the . First the glue dissolved, now the whole right side stays silent. TBH, I expected more for the price I paid. But it was fun while it lasted. It certainly feels a bit like :(

I guess needs a reliable hybrid cloud. We at are happy to help :)

Hallo seit fast 6 Stunden kein Ticketkauf möglich über eure App. Wird das heute noch gefixt?

Und zum Thema “ vermüllen und blockieren die Gehwege” so sah das gestern hier in München am aus.

The German chancellor, the president of the EU commission, the president of the German Conservative party (and as of now also German minister of defence). I don’t have to support them politically, but three women in powerful positions is a Damn Good Thing IMHO. Via Instagram.

Hetzjagd gegen , Phase 2. Obwohl „dank“ fehlender ABE kaum ein escooter auf dem Markt erhältlich ist, geht der Minister schon mal in die Vollen mit Panikmache.

The irony of seeing this when trying to read an article about the $5B fine against .

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