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Today I finally experienced the rose room by Cy Twombly again. When in , go visit the .

Another week with lots of calls. But at least we now have a decent small studio setup in our Office :)

Another week with lots of calls. But at least we now have a decent small Studiomusiker in our Office :)

Viktor Orban cancels his trip to today as he seems to be very afraid of rainbow flags :) No sarcasm and not kidding. He really did just cancel his trip. it works! cc

So it seems will Streisand the hell out of the decision to NOT allow rainbow illumination on wednesday. Rainbow flags all over the townhall, rainbow illumination on the Olympia Tower and the wind tower next to the stadium. I like :)

Dear - how long until smaller cities like in get cycling instructions added?

Ah, it’s again! Greetings from the office, young Padawans :) May The Force of guide you every day!

BREAKING: Again, no in this year. Just announced by mayor Reiter and MP Söder.

Warum hat keinen ordentlichen Technoclub in Berg am Laim mit dem Namen BergLaim? plans ;)

Why is there no cool Techno Club called BergLaim in the district called Berg am Laim?

No , I think it's quite an opprtunity :)

has pushed the 7 day incidence down to 36,4 today. From 300,7 on the 19th of December. Quite something IMHO, but still not enough. I am on team and prefer a single digit incidence before we start opening.

The city of has again failed to send numbers to RKI, so we now have a 7 day incidence of 133,1. Just another few days of "forgetting" to send numbers and we have no problems anymore!

In the 7 day incidence is now below 150. Why? Simple. The city simply hasn't send numbers for two days in a row. So officially, no cases in the last 48 hours. 3 out of the last 10 days they simply didn't count. What a mess.

In , for the first time since ages, no one got injured due to fireworks. Good for the hospitals/ER. Thanks to all who understood and refrained from getting fireworks.

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