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I have been asked many times if would influence our Open Source Way. It will not. And here’s proof. Of course we open sourced . We are still :)

It’s a cold New Hire Orientation, so I’m wearing the winter ;) 1 of 4(!) NHOs this month! Join us!

schreibt das die Aktie wenig Bewegung zeigt. Klar. Weil IBM Red Hat ΓΌbernommen hat und es seit Monaten KEINE RED HAT AKTIE MEHR GIBT!

Not too much bragging, but yes, I am proud that today marks my 14th anniversary at Join us? Check :) (Picture by Florian Brand)

Ich erklΓ€re hier mal ein bisschen was ΓΌber , und unsere Kultur in bewegten Bildern und auf Deutsch! :) cc

:) " garnered a 44 percent share [in the] software market revenue. Its container software, OpenShift, recently surpassed 1,100 customers." on 2 with 23%, /#VMWare on 3 with 6% according to

Jim Cramer: "I think these results more than vindicate 's decision to pay $34 billion" for the company, he said. "They needed a change of direction and that's what gives them.”

after a bit of absence :) The polo is from our 2009 Partner Summit on Malta. 10 years ago. Time flies :) @ redhat MΓΌnchen

The approves acquisition of by

"the [EU] Commission concluded that the transaction would raise no competition concerns in any of the affected markets and cleared the case unconditionally."

To everyone asking if I'm going to change my tattoo after the brand refresh: No. :) My ShadowMan stays as he was, is and always will be :)

β€œ Reports Double-Digit Growth Ahead of Deal” FTR, we had quite an uninterrupted series of double digit growth. It started before I joined in 2005 :)

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