So president Trump declares state of emergency because Mexico doesn’t pay for a wall? I am confused. ;)

So how will the $3 billion that NYC is NOT giving to Amazon will be used to foster growth and opportunity?

Explain to me again how democratic it is when a single person can declare a national emergency to build a wall that only this very person wants.

I see and meet so many people that are very eloquent about being AGAINST $WHATEVER. But I only really care about people that fight FOR something. We need solutions. Not perfect descriptions of problems.

So ok. Amazon giving up its plans for HQ2 in NYC. But what now? Being against $WHATEVER is one thing. But implementing the better alternative is more important IMHO. So. Where’s the plan to promote SME?

At this moment in the codecision procedure, years ago, we organised EUParl to vote down software patents directive. Let’s hope we can repeat that for .

@lkundrak and FTR, I am now at 180 km on the scooter and totally loving it!

Oh, and for those wondering. This was a funny pun about IBM buying Red Hat. I’m not feeling blue. Quite the opposite! Shadowman has a lot to share with IBM :)

Roses are red
Red Hat becomes blue
But I will hang on
To my Shadowman tattoo :)

@twitter in Austin 850 bicycles versus 11000 scooters (See slide 4)

And in Austin the number of injuries with bicycles is more than 3x (32) that of injuries with scooters (9). Slide 5 of

But the conclusion in Portland is simple: "After reviewing emergency department and urgent care clinic data, the Health Department found no evidence of injury rates that would discourage a further scooter pilot in the City of Portland."

Keeping a team for 15 years on a project that was planned to take 90 days. I celebrate NASA for this. And I am also reminded of a lot of IT projects that work in similar ways ;)

@Masek Und Heise glänzt leider mal wieder mit Falschinfos. Bebildern mit Foto von der Scheibenbremse hinten, die aber rein mechanisch ist und mit diesem Hack nix zu tun hat.

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