@ipofanes @esureL Yep. Da mich letztens ein Auto überfahren hat, ist das Fahrrad in der Werkstatt :(

Huhu @postbank@twitter.com, jetzt wo sogar die Sparkassen und Volksbanken unterstützen werden, wie wäre es wenn ihr eure "Beobachtung des Marktes" mal abschliesst und euch nen Ruck gibt? Wir Kunden warten schon sehr, sehr lange.

@kattascha Oh, und gaaaanz wichtig! Keine Vorverurteilung! Ermittlungen abwarten! Dann Urteil abwarten! Dann Berufung abwarten! Dann Verfassungsgericht abwarten! Dann EU Gericht abwarten! Bis dahin ist alles Spekulation!

@esureL Mache ich ja auch. je nach Lust und Laune e-Scooter oder Rad.

@esureL Heute morgen waren es ca 10 km ins Büro. Bei Ankunft war Akku noch 60% voll. Ich fahre allerdings immer "Vollgas" (naja, 20 km/h halt) was nicht grad energiebewusst ist ;)

Waiting for the train again as getting the insurance sticker for my electric scooter seems to be a logistical nightmare for German insurance companies. I guess it cannot be done under a week. Le sigh. instagram.com/p/BzIIHqWCCJw/?i

@gwmngilfen @HerraBRE I don’t need nor want that. But I definitely do prefer using ssd or a hard drive with a decent filesystem over using an SD card in a way it was never intended to be used. Not even mentioning the “speed” of that ;) It’s why I use a BananaPi for my home automation. With a nice 128G SSD via its onboard SATA.

@HerraBRE I always wanted the Pi to have a NVME or SATA port so it could use an ssd or hard drive. I’ve ruined too many SD cards with a Pi :)

So liefert @amazonDE@twitter.com seine Pakete. Einfach draußen als Türstopper. Das ist eine Tür mit Sicherheitsverriegelung in einem Bürokomplex. Wir sind im zweiten Stock. Geht’s noch?

@andyc As it is a gift, it is my sole decision to give or not. No obligations, no discussions about "but I'll definitely pay back, so please please please" The whole transaction is different compared to lending money. Quite often they even refuse to take it. And that's the best thing.

@andyc The good thing about making it a gift is that saying "no" becomes far less of a problem. No discussion needed, no bad feelings. Should someone abuse my approach, I can just say no the next time he asks for money. And remove this person from my circle of friends. Works for me :)

@andyc When they pay back (and they almost always do) they also do it in a positive mood. Even if they pay back with something else but not with money. Like doing something together where he pays entrance fee/tickets. That way the bond becomes even better. If they never pay back, also fine. It was a gift after all.

@andyc Money destroys friendship in my experience. What I do when someone asks for money is simple. I say "Here you are. It is a gift. I don't expect you to pay it back." This does two things. It solves the problem for the other person but also creates a positive situation for me by showing that I value friendship over money.

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