Danke, @DB_Kritik@twitter.com und @MVGticker@twitter.com. Auf halber Strecke zwischen Trudering und Berg am Laim bleibt die S4 dann einfach mal@stecken weil euer Stellwerk am Ostbahnhof kaputt ist. Super. Verpasse grad zwei wichtige Termine deswegen. Danke für nichts. Mal wieder.

The whole „Barron is no Baron“ covfefe is just another GOP deflection attempt. 3 experts yesterday agreed unanimously that Trump must be impeached, one other expert merely complained it all maybe happening a bit too fast.

When you unleash @afneil@twitter.com on anyone but the PM, you, dear @bbc@twitter.com, have become a shining example of protoauthoritarian servility IMHO.

@berkes Verstehe ich. Aber trotzdem verdammt gut gemacht. Die YouTube Warnung das Al Jazeera von Qatar bezahlt wird ist priceless ;)

Wer wirklich verstehen will was gerade mit der Berichterstattung über das neue SPD Führungsduo los ist, sollte unbedingt „Manufacturing Consent“ von Herman/Chomsky lesen. Eine kurze Einführung als Animation gibt es von Al Jazeera. Kein Witz. youtu.be/34LGPIXvU5M

It’s 2019. We have technology. Why is the sound engineering on house hearings so unbelievably amateurish? Volume jumps, cut outs, wild jumps between low/high pass filtering. Jeez!

I for one welcome leaders like Rutte, Trudeau, Johnson being honest about how they see and his tantrums.

“Is this what we want? Should we just succumb to ’s desires and embrace , hand over control of our websites and content to Google?” polemicdigital.com/google-amp-

@pennylane I would turn the message around. "IPv6 is the default. IPv4 is legacy. Some support for backward compatibility available." ;)

"Rennradfahrer rammt parkenden Lastwagen und stirbt" schreibt der SPIEGEL. Korrekt wäre IMHO: "Lastwagen blockiert Radweg und verursacht tödlichen Aufprall." spiegel.de/panorama/gesellscha

When you find out you have a rather rare live recording on an obscure bootleg CD you bought when you were 20 something and that version is nowhere online. Should I upload?

but in a positive way. Wonderful music and ultimately a call to move on. youtu.be/ZeMlQEWEg2Q

@whvholst 2020: 39 subscription services [of which 75% are not compatible with the SmartTV you bought a year ago and no updates to fix it in sight]

Cruise ships are the equivalent of SUVs on water. Oversized, destroying the environment just to please some people that ignore anything but themselves.

20191203 Update: Keine neuen Einträge, Details zum ALDI Scooter (P042 Maginon STREET ONE) ergänzt. 279€, mit kleinem 4.4 Ah Akku aber wohl kein Reichweitenwunder. Wie immer, Details unter docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d

I had to lock down all my public teams on as it is being flooded with fake accounts, hoping to fetch some sweet . As I feared, greed effectively kills keybase and risks its reputation as a trustable source to connect people. I am not sure it can recover from this. What do you think?

@passenger I still prefer the one argument per toot approach. Mastodon is so much better at threading.

Karma is late. But I’ll keep on giving. Good night.

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