Glückwunsch an die die während der 254 Führerscheine von Fahrer kassiert hat, 215 von Autofahrern aber anscheinend allen besoffenen Fahrrad- und Fahrern freie Fahrt gegeben hat ;)

We all support Greta Thunberg! With a sticker! On the bumper! Of our shiny new SUV!

3 years of back and forth, and now a deal can be reached within hours?

If Ivanka and Jared would be half as transparent as Hunter Biden, there might be something to discuss.

What kind of transnational Union is the EU when it accepts what Spain just did to the political leaders of ?

And Boris Johnson came down from Ben Nevis, the highest mountain of the British isles, carrying a tablet with BREXIT carved on it, saying We Delivered Brexit. And the brexiteers rejoiced, pouring ale and lager upon the tablet and all was good.

I don’t care about whatever subtle messages some interpret into Her Majesty’s The Queen delivery of whatever BoJo told her to say.

@RuiSeabra self signed certs still Just Work (tm). Dovecote, postfix, iPhone - happy.

Dear crew sitting three tables away in a beer garden in Germany It’s wonderful to be able to listen to your stories from this far away.

@Ertain a lot of our job openings are remote/Work from Home, so I’d still Just Try(tm) :)

A trend I noticed this summer: typically young women with 35mm film cameras. A lot of them prefer b/w film. I like! Next year the Return of the Walkman?

I should really setup a new mailserver for my domains. Just fixed expired certificates and realised I haven't really done much on that box since 6 years. Oops. Not looking forward to go through all the TLS, SASL-AUTH stuff again. But alas, it must be done.

Two people next to me in the canteen. They sit down. One of them talks for 15 minutes without any pause about the place they went last weekend. Finally stops. Tries the food. Complains it is cold and blames the cook.

So now it’s Russia against NATO member Turkey in Syria.

It seems ATM that Orbans Fidesz party has lost Budapest in communal elections. Yay.

I’m really sorry, but it seems clear that decision to sacrifice the Kurdish allies will lead to a resurgence of IS. Thanks, I guess?

Dear After 3 wasted years of more or less passively watching the UK political class indulging in infighting and cluelessness, it is IMHO time for the EU to focus on the EU. With or without UK. We have a future to build. We need to move forward for the 27. IMHO.

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