How to destroy every movement, no matter if political, technical, social: sponsor infighting. Support factions. Let them fight eachother. Unfortunately it’s a proven and winning tactic.

We all are either frightened or fascinated (or both) by the viral robot videos. But I keep on asking myself - how do they actually make money? What do they sell? To whom?

Donating +900M€ to rebuild is IMHO the thing Jesus drove to throw the tables at the temple. Especially as that money comes from the few that are really good at avoiding paying taxes to help the many.

uses so you can check if your carry on is complying with the size limits. Nice.

Don’t call the report the report, dear journalists. It’s redacted and IMHO until proven otherwise to be considered materially changed.

and conferences where you can only pay your conference ticket with EUR or USD neatly sums up the current state of affairs ;)

@ondra and IMHO this is the real reason Google wants this. FTA: “This allows you to use first-party cookies and storage to customize content and simplify analytics integration.”

@ondra it legitimates a dark UI pattern of showing a domain in the address bar that isn’t the domain serving the content.

I am truly frightened by how close this is to the tactics of phishing scams. and the are on the wrong path with this IMHO.

@lkundrak So what do you propose? Tear it down and put a nice Starbucks in its place? There are several perspectives on these historic artefacts. One is history, one is architecture, another one is the artistry that went into, for example, the IMHO unbelievably beautiful glass roses. Reducing it to one of these perspectives is IMHO not a good approach. In sum, again IMHO, it is absolutely worth saving and rebuilding Notre Dame.

Defective aircraft on Schönefeld airport blocks runway. Flights are being diverted. FYI

@lkundrak you can start with the “ownership” chapter on the Wikipedia page of Notre Dame. And from there dive deeper into the history of French secularisation.

All those coming with “evil catholics” and Notre Dame. Check your history books again.

Yes. A lot of things on this planet are wrong. But Notre Dame burning touches me deep inside. Good night.

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