Die @DB_Bahn@twitter.com wird die wohl erst durchsetzen wenn es einen event im ICE gibt und sich Passagiere nachweislich im Zug angesteckt haben.

@esureL you do yours. I tried to give you serious advice based on my experiences and you take it as a joke. Fine with me. Enjoy your day.

@esureL 20+ years of insomnia speaking. Trust your body. You’ll make the day.

@andyc @dick_turpin it’s similar to what happened with the Spanish flu. The second wave was much more brutal because people didn’t want to go “back” to wearing masks and keeping distance. When you look at Israel, you can see this happening right now. They opened early and now community spread is happening.

@dick_turpin @andyc “they’ll cut your chances by 60-70%” and from that you conclude “Mask are a bit like a placebo tbh”. That’s … interesting.

@dick_turpin @andyc if that makes you happy, please do. Looks like kind of an obsessive reaction, but hey :)

@dick_turpin @andyc I suspect your obsession to condescend new for every little thing I criticise about the UK and its policies is the bigger problem. I see no way to have a normal and open discussion with you. Sorry.

@dick_turpin @andyc I am free of obsessions. But denying simple facts is not my thing. The numbers in the UK are now the worst in Europe. And your government is only now making masks compulsory. Belgium was also very late with that. I honestly don’t understand the discussion. ‪😷‬ , done. It helps. It’s known. There’s proof.

@andyc Ultimately all if them. But I specifically aimed at government officials who have declared repeatedly that it is either wrong or too early to compare with other countries. That’s a weird argument to make when the numbers tell an obvious story.

No matter how you try to spin it - the UK has more deaths now than Italy, France or Spain. Per capita, total numbers - there’s no way out. Source: worldometers.info/coronavirus/

Today 440 new keys were distributed to the German app. Total distributed keys is now 13805. # of keys is NOT number of infected people sharing their diagnosis with the app. More details and insights at micb25.github.io/dka/

ATM still anecdotal, but there could be a real risk that immunity wanes faster than expected and you could get reinfected with the . So even if you’ve already had it, do the right thing. 😷


now has doubled the amount of active cases compared to their first wave. Daily new infections too. And the numbers are still rising. worldometers.info/coronavirus/

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