Sue 100+ companies over patent infringement with patents they themselves value at $1. Explain to me again why using the term “Patent Troll” is wrong.

No matter how successful ApplePay and GooglePay will be in Germany, you will always need cash. 1€. For the shopping cart in the supermarket.

Le sigh. has designed a new license that doesn’t allow you to use their code in a setup, relicenses parts of their platform to that new license which IMHO isn’t . Cc

The city of has won in court against . Airbnb must now hand over names and addresses of all landlords renting out rooms for more then 8 weeks per year. Good!

The blame game will start again now. It will all be the EU’s fault.

Why do I need to wait 20 minutes, !

Idea: where not difficulty adapts to available hashrate but instead timeslices for hashing/PoW are distributed. So a more or less stable hashrate.

Oh, because I saw this fake news story being shared: No, test in the Netherlands did NOT kill 500 birds. How do people even think that would be possible?

Well, , as always your shipping company DHL Express will fail to deliver on time. The parcel hasn’t even cleared customs and chances that they deliver today are zero. Thanks, I guess? Every. Time. The. Same. Story.

so: IT-Fachkräftemangel! 82.000 offene Stellen! Einer der Gründe: Zu hohe Gehaltsforderungen! Ich so: Nennt sich Marktwirtschaft, stupid! Angebot und Nachfrage! Qualität kostet halt.

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