Update: it arrived safely. It happily accepted a jumpstart and the engine is running smoothly after almost 2 years of standstill. A good sign :)

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NFTs are so much better than other crypto/Blockchain shit, because we get to watch the libertarian crypto bros pivot to complaining about the unregulated market, demanding a central authority regulate verified vs knockoff NFTs, and gradually reinvent the concept of copyright law.

I never thought the digital equivalent of a fax send receipt could create a market, yet here we are with NFT.

Wordle 218 4/6


First Wordle back in Munich

@mnw it was mostly designed by Mercedes engineers. They call it jokingly the smallest CLK ever made :)

@mnw it pulls 82 hp out of a 3 cylinder engine with .7 Liter ;) It’s a truly fun ride.

The car was in our typical German underground garage and cannot move as there is a problem with the clutch. So we had to move it in a dramatic action up to street level. My back is definitely not happy :)

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@thegibson it’s IMHO becoming a classic icon. One of the very few cars whose design stood the test of time.

It was a tough job, but my sister and me managed :). My little roadster is on its way to being repaired.

On the autobahn, on my way back to Munich. Observation: regardless of the high infection rates - lots of danish and Dutch cars on their way to Austria, Switzerland for ski vacation. Le sigh.

Wordle 217 3/6


Nice :)

Wordle 216 6/6



Freue mich auf Sommer wenn wieder Stoffmasken erlaubt sind (natürlich mit PM2.5 Partikelfilter Einlage.

Changed my display name to JanWildeboer.eur because I am that fiat guy who doesn't buy the crypto fairy tales.

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