Ein ganz normaler Tag in . Hotels bitten mal alle Rumänischen Gäste zu melden. Weil die klauen ja, wie man weiß.

Der billigste legale ist momentan der Sparrow (779€), der teuerste der BMW X2 City (2399€). Zum Vergleich: in vielen EU Ländern fährt man legal ohne ABE und Versicherungszwang für ca 300-500€ (Xiaomi M365, Segway ES2/4 etc) und sogar mit 25 km/h - wir dürfen nur 20 km/h "dank" :)

2019-08-21 Update: genau 7 nach für erteilt, davon 3 tatsächlich erhältlich, Rest im September bzw. Oktober lieferbar. Durchshnittspreis 1015€. Die 7 ABEs für Verleihscooter zähle ich nicht mit, da man diese Scooter nicht kaufen kann. docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d

@dick_turpin @sesivany "Why on earth would they?" - Because that's what said over and over again by your government. So you are saying we shouldn't trust anything they say? And no, I am not talking about NHS costs. I am thinking of the several hundred Red Hatters from EU countries working and living in the UK, their children and how they feel now.

@dick_turpin @sesivany I am still not feeling good for my fellow EU citozens living in the UK. BoJo is again threatening their rights as some sort of leverage for his wish to open the negotiations again.

@dick_turpin Your parliament and government were thus far unable to ratify and implement the withdrawal agreement that both sides negotiated. That's why your country needed extensions. It's all your internal problem. What the survey says is simple: We are bored and tired of your internal shenanigans and would really like to move forward with the EU. Be that with or without the UK. Just get this done ASAP.

@dick_turpin The extensions we gave thus far are a concession IMHO., don't you think?

TL;DR 46% (49%) of EU citizens (N=10792) think that if the UK wants to leave with , so be it. No more concessions from EU side fro . Let's move on. Survey from June 2019, more: twitter.com/stefwalter__/statu

Und damit pendelt sich das Preisniveau für auf 800€ ein. Während man überall sonst in Europa nen M365 für ca. 350-400€ legal fahren kann. Danke, . Danke für diesen Rückschritt und die Preistreiberei. Danke, @BMVI
für die Verhinderungstaktik.

UPDATE: Lieferbar wohl ab September, Preis wohl ca 800€. Im Rest Europas als G30 vermarktet. Einziger (Software-)Unterschied: In D auf 20 km/h gedrosselt, überall sonst 25 km/h. Danke, .

IMHO. That the UK is heading to is mainly caused by the utter incompetence of politicians on all sides. Ego over country and people.

My skin doesn’t like the sun. My girlfriend has UV protection gear. So. Meet Flower Power Jan :)

To save our planet, we should also take a look at how thickets are slowing down the dissemination and use of new technology in the renewable tech and battery tech fields.

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