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@Ade as long as your vegan diet doesn’t include exotic ingredients flown in from far away places ;)

Tell me what you did today to save our environment. Every bit helps IMHO. I only used my and public transport to move around today.

: “Der Deutsche Taxi- und Mietwagenverband fordert aus Sicherheitsgründen eine Helmpflicht” für Fahrer wegen “enorme Geschwindigkeiten” - laut 20 km/h.

@jezra it’s more simple IMHO. Change is bad. Just drive a car. ;)

@jezra paid parking here in Munich is filled with car sharing (car2go etc) and toll roads are virtually non-existent in socialist Germany ;)

Why is the media so obsessed with negative headlines on ? Here's

@tpheine I would start with something small and simple. I wouldn't waste a lot of money. If small build size is acceptable, something like this is cool and fun:

Comes ready to run, has a decent enough manual and good support AFAICS.

@juliank you can also use your Apple Watch, zero interaction needed as you can designate one of your virtual cards as traffic enabled.

@tpheine I patched it for the moment. Will install a more permanent solution later. 3D printer to the rescue :)

My runs on 100% renewable electricity, courtesy of

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